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Enjoy fast and free shipping on all orders over $89! Contact us (855) 424-4376


Protect your whole home and everything in it that matters most from water leaks. The B-hyve smart flood sensor detects the presence of even the slightest amounts of water and can be controlled from anywhere with a free smartphone app. iOS and Android. All sensors controlled from a free app on your smartphone. iOS and Android. Choose your pack size below.


Water damage can start from the top down. Place sensors near windows and eaves in the attic and stay ahead of water damage in your whole house.

Water Heaters

A damaged water heater is a costly flood waiting to happen. Protect your whole house, place sensors around your water heater, get alerted to the slightest amount of water.

Sinks & Toilets

A leaking sink or toilet can lead to costly water damage in an instant. Protect your home with flood sensors around sinks and toilets. Get alerted to the slightest amount of water.


Defective appliances can be the starting point of a costly home flood. Put B-hyve flood sensors around all appliances and keep your entire home safe from dangerous water damage.


A leaky or cracked window can be a gateway to serious water damage. Protect your entire home by placing B-hyve flood sensors near every window and window well. Be alert and keep your family safe.


Basements and crawlspaces are areas of your home that might not be checked frequently. Get notified immediately if an pipe starts leaking under your home to avoid costly surprises.


Homes today have numerous devices from Smart Speakers to Cell Phones. Protect your valuable devices from damage with B-hyve sensors.


Items with strong emotional connections are invaluable. Protect the precious things in your life from floods and water damage. Place B-hyve flood sensors near all your special keepsakes.

Top reasons to choose the B-hyve Smart Flood Sensor

Get alerts about flooding, leakage, or water damage on your smartphone or directly from the sensor with audible sound alerts.

Get Alerted to Problems on Smartphone

Even the smallest amounts of water will be detected and you will be alerted. Prevent serious damage to your home and possessions.

Detects Small Amounts of Water

Water-resistant and strong to withstand the most rigorous flood. Discrete size allows you to conceal it easily.

Durable Smart Design

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