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Enjoy fast and free shipping on all orders over $89! Contact us (855) 424-4376



  •  ½ HP
  • Cast-iron construction
  • Dual float switch with protective cage
  • SIT-50D: 4,400 GPH @ 0 ft.; 3,540 GPH @ 10 ft



    The Basement Watchdog has been protecting homes for over 30 years and continues to be a market leader. We build the most dependable, user-friendly pumps in the industry using intelligent design, premium components, and quality manufacturing practices that include thoroughly testing every single unit.



    The Basement Watchdog SIT series (Models SIT-33D, SIT-50D) features an energy-saving, Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) motor that has carbon/ceramic shaft seals and thermal protection to safeguard the motor. The upper and lower ball bearings ensure the pump runs quietly and extend its life.



    The sump pumps in the Basement Watchdog SIT series (Models SIT-33D, SIT-50D) save you money on your electric bills and reduce their effect on the environment. The AC sump pumps in the SIT series are engineered with eco-friendly PSC motors and dual ball bearings that together deliver industry-leading energy efficiency and savings.



    The Basement Watchdog SIT series of sump pumps (Models SIT-33D, SIT-50D) are crafted completely out of cast iron with stainless-steel fasteners, making them extremely durable. They also include a built-in weephole to prevent airlock. This series has a top discharge, perfect for when space is at a premium in your sump pit.



    The Basement Watchdog SIT series, our most popular option, is part of our Professional line of sump pumps. The ? HP (Model SIT-33D) pumps an impressive 3,720 GPH at a 0' height (3,100 GPH at a 10' height), and the ½ HP (Model SIT-50D) moves a formidable 4,400 GPH at a 0' height (3,540 GPH at a 10' height).



    The Basement Watchdog SIT series (Models SIT-33D, SIT-50D) features a caged, micro-reed Dual Float Switch. We introduced this technology, proven reliable in other uses for over 50 years, to the pump industry and improved it by including two floats. Simply stated: if one is good, two is better.



    The Basement Watchdog Professional SIT sump pumps, our most popular series, come in ? HP (Model SIT-33D) and ½ HP (Model SIT-50D) with a top discharge so the pump easily fits into narrow pits. These rugged pumps have a cast-iron body and stainless-steel fasteners to prevent pump corrosion. The SIT sump pumps include the top-of-the-line caged Dual Float Switch for double the protection.

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