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Enjoy fast and free shipping on all orders over $89! Contact us (855) 424-4376

Spec Sheet  Install Manual

Need more hot water?

Can’t fit a bigger tank water heater in the space?

MegaBoost is designed to be installed with any domestic hot water tank, new or existing, gas or electric. It will provide more hot water for longer showers and shorten the tank's recovery time.

It achieves its boosting effect at 100% efficiency. MegaBoost installation is flexible as it is designed to be installed on either the tank's cold water inlet or on the hot water outlet. A 30-gallon tank with MegaBoost installed on the hot water outlet will provide 54% more hot water than the tank will without MegaBoost.

MegaBoost Recovery Time Comparison

If MegaBoost is installed on the cold water inlet it will provide 71% more hot water. In addition, the recovery rate for the tank is also reduced, significantly reducing the wait time for the tank to recharge. MegaBoost may allow using a smaller tank than a larger one which will save space and save money by preventing the increased standby losses of a larger tank.

Install MegaBoost for:

  • More hot water! Up to 71% more!
  • Faster hot water recovery time! Up to 385% faster!
  • Everybody gets hot showers!
  • Tub filling won’t empty the tank.

MegaBoost Tank Comparison

Tank Booster




Amps (240V):

KW (240V):


Wire Size:

Working Pressure (PSI):
150 psi

Height (Inches):

Width (Inches):

Depth (Inches):

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