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Order FAQs:

Q: How do I cancel my order?

A: You aren't able to cancel your order online, however you can call or email us at We will contact you and ask you some details. If your order has shipped, we will need your product returned before processing your refund. You may be required to pay return shipping. See our hours for chat/phone here: About Us

Q: How do I return my order?

A: Within 30 days you can return your order with a restocking fee. The restocking fee varies per products returned however expect a 15-30% restocking fee per product. See below as to how we determine the restocking fee.

See More: Requesting a return
See More: Our Return Policy

Q: I ordered the wrong product, how do I get the right one?

A: Contact us via phone or email We will ask for the product that was ordered back, you will be required to pay shipping back before we can process your refund. We can easily charge you for the correct product and get it on it's way if you are in a rush or when we receive the product, ship out the new one for free while we have free shipping available. You may be charged a restocking fee that will be deducted from your refund. See our hours for chat/phone here: About Us

Q: I received the wrong item(s), how do I get the correct ones?

A: Contact us via phone or email We will work with you to get the products back and get you the right products ASAP. You are not responsible for return shipping costs. See our hours for chat/phone here: About Us

Q: Why is my refund less than what it originally?

A: You may be charged a restocking fee if you need to exchange or ordered the wrong product.

Q: My order was cancelled without a reason, what gives?

A: We would never purposely cancel an order without informing you as to why. That said, it can happen. Orders that are out of stock for a long period of time (over 14 days) we may ask if you'd like to cancel. Some are seasonal and are months away. Our inventory software is very robust, and just like all technology, has glitches sometimes where inventory isn't properly updated.

Another possibility is pricing. If you stumbled upon our site and bought something with a price that is too good to be true, then most likely WE are paying YOU to have it. That's not right, we wouldn't take your money without a fair exchange. Would you really take ours?

Q: What is your restocking fee?

A: Our restocking fee depends on the products returned, between 15-30%. For some items, it's 30% because we have to bring it back to our warehouse, take it out of the custom made shipping box, visually inspect and make sure it's in resell-able condition. If it is, then we restock it in our warehouse putting it away and process the return/refund. For others, it's simple and could be 15% as it's much simpler to receive, inspect, and place back. With free shipping, delivery to you is included in the restocking fee. You are just liable for return shipping.

Product FAQs:

Q: How do I contact you if I have a specific question about a product?

A: If the product in question doesn't have specific FAQs on that product page, you can call, chat, or email You can also ask us on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. See our hours for chat/phone here: About Us

Q: The product was in stock, and now out of stock, why?

A: Our inventory is constantly updated throughout the day from all of our warehouses through multiple time zones. A product could be in stock, sold late last night, inventory was updated after you viewed the product, and then now out of stock.

Q: If a product is out of stock, can I still order it?

A: You aren't able to order it online, however you can call us and we can tell you if it's order able and it will be on back order till it comes to our warehouse or back order on the manufacturer level.

Shipping and Warranty FAQs:

Q: Will I get tracking information when my order ships?

A: Yes! We will send you tracking information when your order has shipped. If we need to split your order to ship as fast as possible, you will receive multiple ship confirmation emails containing all tracking numbers.

Q: Why do you no longer have site-wide free shipping?

A: We increased our free shipping from all orders to orders $39 and over. The site-wide free shipping promotion was for the first 3 months on our new platform. We may have free shipping from time-to-time, however currently, it's set for orders $39 and up.

Q: What shipping carriers do you use?

A: Great question and the answer is it depends on the product and which warehouse it's coming from. We have warehouses all over the country. Some are only able to use certain carriers like Fed-Ex instead of UPS and your order will ship Fed-Ex. USPS also has a very attractive 2-3 priority flat rate that allows us to get you your order faster and they ship to P.O. Boxes.

Q: When can I expect my order to ship?

A: Your order should ship within 2 business days after your order was placed. Sometimes a product could be back ordered or on it's way, but if it's longer, we will contact you.

Some products require extra processing time as they are custom made, or custom orders and you will be informed on the product page.

Q: A package was just delivered, but it was half my order. When will I get the rest?

A: Because we have warehouses all over the country, your order may ship from multiple locations depending on how close you are to each warehouse and the inventory in stock. We may be out of stock and the manufacturer will ship you the remainder of your order. We request fast shipping times, but they are all different.

Q: If I have an issue with a product, is my product valid for warranty?

A: Yes! Print your receipt from your email for proof of purchase, or if you've lost it, we can resend it for you. The manufacturer will honor your receipt.

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