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Halco 4.5 Watt ProLED MR16BBF/827/LED Narrow Flood

by Halco
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Halco has one of the most comprehensive LED lamp offerings available in the industry, boasting impressive savings of up-to 88% in energy costs. Our award-winning LED product line features an unrivaled combination of efficiency, long life and light output, providing the best overall performance in LED technology. ProLED products utilize the highest quality components, including USA and Japanese chips, precision manufactured optics, optimally engineered drivers and special heat sinks for superior thermal management.

All high power ProLED products are specified at 40,000 hours rated life to L70, meaning the lamp will provide 70% of its initial specified lumens at rated life. Backed by a 50year warranty, these lamps provide consistent lamp-to-lamp color, precise beam control and reduced maintenance. Our MR, Reflector, and PAR lamps are available in multiple beam spreads, wattages and colors.

LEDs as a directional light source have only recently been able to start taking the place of halogen lamps, mainly due to the high light output of many of the halogen lamps. Having been on the cutting edge of replacement lamp technology and making lamps that can provide the amount and quality of light output that is expected of halogen lamps, we have significant experience in the challenges of making a new technology work with existing fixtures.

One of the challenges associated with LED retrofit products is producing usable light, driving the LEDs, and managing the heat created by the driver and LEDs in a package that is compatible with the lamp being produced. Retrofit lighting that is of any significant power will have a large portion of its mass made of aluminum (or some other metal) in order to properly dissipate the heat that is generated during operations.

  • Color Rendering Index: 82
  • Center Beam Candle Power: 760 Candelas
  • Lumens: 220
  • Color Temperature: 2700
  • Average Life: 40,000 hours
  • Beam Pattern: Narrow Flood
  • Beam Spread: 25 Degrees
  • Length: 2.02 inches
  • Watts: 4.5W
  • Volts: 10 - 15V
  • Base Type: GU5.3
  • Bulb Type: MR16