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FireTowerUSA Wood Burning FireTower

  • $ 97500

This is the next evolution in wood burning fixtures.

 The wood burning FireTower is a great way to enjoy a wood fire without the problem of smoke in your face. The FireTowers are 5 ft tall and 18 inches square.  With the height of the FireTower and the open grate bottom panel they act as a natural chimney and vent the smoke up and away from you. This model is better suited for colder conditions since it does generate significantly more heat than the propane model.

The open grate design of the lower panel allows the ash fall through the grate and is easily cleaned up with a garden hose.  This design feature also prevents rain water from standing in the FireTower that would cause rust. The FireTowers are fabricated from steel and are painted with a high temperature paint that is available in varying colors. As well as customized designs.

An access door is located on side of the FireTower to load the wood and light the fire - once lit wood can be dropped in from the top. The door is made from the same steel as the body, and is mounted on heavy duty tubular hinge along with a heavy handle to lock it in place once closed. The designs cut into the sides of the FireTower allow light and heat out while channeling the smoke up and away from you and your family. These designs can easily be customized to reflect your personality or interests.

Offering the authentic feel and smell of a camp fire with the improved safety and convenience of an enclosed fire The Wood burning FireTower is well suited for your backyard or campsite.

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