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Enjoy fast and free shipping on all orders over $89! Contact us (855) 424-4376

DIG’s S-305DC is an encapsulated, watertight, two-way magnetic latching solenoid that requires minimal power to operate. The S-305DC is used with DIG range of battery operated controllers, LEIT 2 ET system and others. With seven solenoid adapters available, the S-305DC can replace conventional solenoids on most valves, enabling DIG controllers to operate the majority of all brand name valves using DC power.

Solenoid Features

  • Adaptable to a wide range of valves using one of our seven adapters
  • Potted technique for sealed, waterproof construction
  • Two 16 gauge, color-coded 18” wires
  • Captured plunger and spring for reliable operation
  • Made of durable plastic

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