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Seasonal Source - Commercial Grade E26 Patio Lighting Wire, 108 Feet, 24 Inch Spacing, 4 Inch Drops -  - Patio Lighting  - Big Frog Supply

Commercial Grade E26 Patio Lighting Wire, 108 Feet, 24 Inch Spacing, 4 Inch Drops

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Our heavy-duty commercial grade patio lighting wire offers E26 sockets spaced every 24 inches to create impressive lighting displays for events and facilities of all types. String our wire across pergolas, shade structures, beams, or the sky itself. With the use of a supporting cable any distance can be reached, and any dream can be strung. Each socket includes and eyelet that you will thread the support cable through. This is how you span those distance, and reach those imaginative heights. Each wire strand is UL rated, and perfect for use not only outdoors but also on any indoor application as well. Each strand is also UV resistant to give you peace of mind that these strands will last for years.

The suspended socket design is engineered to provide you with that perfect illumination and offer an elegant look. Each drop hangs at 4 inches giving you continuity in illumination and an even glow throughout the whole area. The soft edges of the sockets provide for a weather-tight seal around the thread-in lamps. Each socket is resistant to sunlight exposure. To better provide you with many years of use and illumination through any season.

  • Length: 108 Feet
  • Lead Length: 6 Feet
  • Socket Spacing: 24 Inches
  • Socket Style: 4 Inch Drop
  • Wire Gauge: 16 AWG
  • Wire Rating: 960 Watts
  • Not End to End Connectable
  • Designed for use only with S14 Classic Shape LED Bulbs

Warm white bulbs along pergola will let your patio glow come nightfall.

Image shown with warm white bulbs
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