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Eemax EX3012T-EE 120V 3 KW Tankless Water Heater

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Cut energy waste. Flow switch activates heater only on demand (no standby heat loss) – 99% efficient

• Multi lav configurations (up to three) ideal for sensor or metering faucets (ML option - 110°F max.)

• Emergency eye wash fountains (EE option - 90°F max.)

• Dishwashers, commercial kitchens

• Low volume showers


• Save Water – “Point of Use”

• Eliminate costly mixing valves (check local codes)

• Continuous hot water. No storage capacity to run out

• Eliminate lag time in long pipe runs

• Booster up to 180°F (S option)

• Easy installation. Only one cold or hot water line need be brought to installation – integral compression fittings for 1/2” pipe (5/8” OD) on bottom (no sweat connections)

• Microprocessor temperature control for thermostatic accuracy +/-1°F. Fully adjustable temperature range between 100-140°. Special settings of higher or lower range available upon request. (see Specification Options)

• Reduces installation cost and materials. No T&P relief valve needed (check local codes)

• Prevents Legionella bacteria growth

• Reduces calcification, liming and sedimentation

• Compact size

• Warranty – Heaters, against failure due to leaks of “Heater Body/Element Assembly”, five (5) years – Parts, one (1) year

• High temperature limit switch (ECO)


Product Specifications

Dimensions: 10.75”x 5.25”x 2.875”

Weight: 4 lbs.

Cover: ABS UL rated 94V0.

Color: White

Std. Temp. Range 100°F-140°F

Element: Replaceable Ni Chrome cartridge insert

Fittings: 1/2” pipe compression fittings at bottom of unit. (5/8” OD)

UL listed file number: E86887


Spec Sheet      Manual


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