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Rockford Seperators 125GPM Welded Steel Grease Interceptor

$ 2,396.40



All-welded steel interceptors for on-the-floor, partially recessed, or flush-with-floor installation, flow control device, removable nonskid diamond treadplate cover for flush-with-floor installation suitable for pedestrian traffic or reinforced for light traffic, secured with stainless steel flat head screws, heavy-duty leakproof gasket. Units are furnished standard with enamel coating inside and outside. Supplied standard with air relief bypass.

Single Bolt-Over Securement Available.


  • Intermittent Flow GPM: 125
  • Static Holding Capacity (gal.): 156
  • Greasy Sludge Capacity (lb.): 775
  • Pipe Size (in.): 4
  • Top to Center of Inlet and Outlet A (in.): 8
  • Side to Center of Inlet and Outlet B (in.): 18
  • Bottom to Center of Inlet and Outlet C (in.): 28
  • Width (in.): 36
  • Length (in.): 45
  • Height (in.): 36
  • Shipping Weight(lb.): 481