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FireTower USA Propane FireTower

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Is it a heater or a sculpture?

The FireTower is a functional piece art that doubles as a patio heater and can remain on the deck or patio year-round.  Either propane or natural gas can be used to fuel the FireTower and they are as easy to light as a gas grill - turn the knob and push the ignitor button. 

The FireTower is fabricated from steel that radiates the heat of the column of fire from the vertical burner inside. To add durability and versatility it is finished with a high temperature paint to protect the FireTower and is available in several colors. The weight of the steel also adds an element of stability to lessen the risk of the tower falling during a windy day or if it were to be pushed by a passerby.

A FireTower is the perfect heating solution for outdoor family gatherings, poolside parties, or just relaxing in the backyard. It can also be personalized by creating a custom FireTower to reflect your personality. Because of the technology used to cut out the designs in our products almost anything is possible; from the logo of your favorite sports team or organization, to hobbies such as fishing or hunting. The FireTower design team has 25+ years of engineering experience to help you design the perfect addition to your outdoor living space.

This product is the culmination of years of research including feedback from customers, focus groups, and countless experiments. It is American made with quality materials so that it will bring you and yours many years of enjoyment.

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