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Enjoy fast and free shipping on all orders over $89! Contact us (855) 424-4376

Great introduction into using ductless AC systems.

If you're new to ductless mini split air conditioner systems, the Tempo series makes a great introductory option for single room heating and cooling. Our Tempo mini split AC series is budget friendly and great for providing consistent heating and cooling in milder climates.


  • DC Inverters
  • Turbo Mode
  • Blue Fin
  • Quiet Mode
  • Easy to install
  • Easy PCB replacement


  • Rated Capacity BTU/hr: 12,000
  • SEER: 18
  • EER: 11.0


  • Rated Heating Capacity 47F BTU/hr: 12,000
  • HSPF: 10.0

Power Supply:

  • Voltage, Cycle, Phase V/Hz/-: 208/230-60-1

Refrigerate Line:

  • Connections: Flare
  • Liquid O.D. in: 1/4
  • Suction O.D. in: 3/8
  • Factory Charge Oz: 35.3
  • Maximum Line Length Ft / m: 66/20
  • Maximum Height Ft / m: 33/10

WiFi Connect Built in WIFI
Voltage/Hertz/Phase 208-230/60/1
Temperature Range - Heating Mode -4-75 F (-20-24 C)
Temperature Range - Cooling Mode -4-115 F (-20-46 C)
System 9K Tempo
Style Outdoor
Series Tempo
Rotary Compressor DC Inverter Driven Rotary
Product Type Single Zone
Outdoor Noise Level 50 dBA
Model Type Outdoor
Maximum Line Length (Ft/M) 66/20
Maximum Height (Ft/m) 33/10
Maximum Fuse Size A 15
Factory Charge (ounces) 40.6
Connections Flare
Compatible Indoor Models AW12TE2VHA
Minimum Circuit Amp 12
Cooling Rated Capacity BTU/Hr 12,000

Package Quantity 1
Overall Width 31 1/2 in
Overall Height 21 3/4 in
Overall Depth 10 7/8 in
Net Weight 69.7
Carton Width 37.6
Carton Length 16.1
Carton Height 25.4
Approximate Shipping Weight 82.2

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