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Enjoy fast and free shipping on all orders over $89! Contact us (855) 424-4376

Hydro-Rain 04020 HRC-990-04-01 Battery Operated Controller

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Setting a new standard in battery operated controllers, the HRC 990 is the answer to those difficult situations when installing burial wire is not possible or desired. HRC 990 is tough enough for installation in a below ground, valve box environment while providing years of no hassle, reliable service. Never before has there been a product that is designed to stand up to such a rugged environment and yet be so easy to use. HRC 990’s plug-in controller programming pod allows you the luxury of removing the pod from its water tight housing for the convenience of finger tip, out-of-the-valve-box programming. Installation is fast and easy—just plug and go. Add up to four valves, moisture sensor, rain/freeze sensor, and/or solar power module, all without the use of tools and without the hassle.

  • Unique Water Tight Plug-in System—Requires no splices or wire connectors.
  • Battery Powered—Wire-free installation provides convenience and speed (3 AA batteries included).
  • Two Independent Programs (A and B)— Programming flexibility previously only available in larger AC system controllers.
  • Modular—Base unit HRC 990 accepts up to 4 DC solenoid modules. One solenoid is included with base unit, additional solenoids sold separately.
  • Universal Design—For use with multiple brands of valves including: Hydro-Rain® HRB, HRJ, Rain Bird® PEB, PESB, DV, Irritrol 205 Series, and more (adapters sold seperately).
  • Water Budgeting—Saves water by adjusting the watering durations (10% to 200%).
  • Rain Delay—Postpones regular watering schedule for 24, 48, 72 hours and resumes automatic watering when set time has passed.
  • Submersible—Functions properly submersed up to 3'.
  • Moisture Sensor Ready—Let the water content in the soil determine watering schedules with the Moisture Module (HRC 990 MS MD sold separately).
  • Solar Power Ready—Go battery-free by harnessing power from the sun with the solar power module (HRC 990 SP MD sold separately).
  • High Environment Tolerance—Operates effectively from +32°F to 167°F (0°C to +75°C). Do not leave immersed in water at freezing temperatures.
  • Station Timing: 0-240 minutes (in 1-minute increments); 0-480 minutes with water budgeting
  • Automatic Starts: 4 per day for each program (8 per day when using dual program capability)
  • Programming Schedule: Odd, even, or interval (1-32 days), or cycle by day (Monday through Sunday)
  • Water Budgeting: 10%-200% in 10% increments
  • Rain Delay: Programmable from 24, 48 or 72 hours
Height: 2 3/8" (6,0329 cm)
Length: 3 1/2" (8,89 cm)

IP-68 Rated: Withstands long periods of immersion 3' under water
Battery Power: 3 AA (included)
Solenoid: 13V DC Latching