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LoVolt Adapter

by Lasco
Sold out
$ 1.33

Residential & Commercial Irrigation LoVolt Connector

The LoVolt Adapter from LASCO connects electrical conduit to a controller box and is topped off with a nut. Securing the adapter to PVC pipe or conduit can be achieved by solvent welding.

The LoVolt Adapter is made from gray PVC material, thus making the adapter fire retardant, resistant to corrosion and rotting, does not conduct electricity and protects from moisture and air. PVC is inherently a low cost material which adds to all its advantages.


  • Do not use LASCO fittings for compressed air or gases.
  • Do not test PVC piping systems with compressed air or gases.
  • Do not use fittings with liquids not recommended by LASCO
  • Fitting modification voids the warranty.