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Enjoy fast and free shipping on all orders over $89! Contact us (855) 424-4376

Rinnai EX38CP Propane Direct Vent Wall Furnace

by Rinnai
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Direct Vent Wall Furnaces


Consistent Warmth

Innovative Rinnai Direct Vent Wall Furnaces deliver smart, energy-efficient and consistent warm air to any cold spot or even whole-house without the use of a central ductwork. And installation couldn't be easier with a small vent termination.


See how the Rinnai EnergySaver® Direct Vent can work for you.

With a Rinnai EnergySaver® Direct Vent Wall Furnace, you can be assured of consistent comfort and warmth. Designed to constantly monitor room temperature, Rinnai's unique modulating technology can respond immediately to even the smallest temperature fluctuations.

How It Works

  • Constantly monitors room temperature 2"? (5 cm) from the floor
  • Consistently detects temperature changes of less than 1° F
  • Within seconds, the Rinnai EnergySaver® Direct Vent Wall Furnace begins to gently heat the room
  • Fan speed and BTU output increase as necessary to reach the preset temperature
  • As the room reaches the desired temperature, the EnergySaver® Direct Vent Wall Furnace reduces fan speed and BTU output
  • In case of a sudden influx of cold air, the EnergySaver® Direct Vent Wall Furnace automatically adjusts fan speed and BTU to quickly restore warmth to the room.

Heat is distributed evenly and heat loss is minimized since Rinnai EnergySaver® Direct Vent Wall Furnaces require no ductwork.


Manage the temperature in your home with our user-friendly control panel. Simply choose a set temperature or customize heating during the day by programming the timers.




  • Consistent, even heating for whole home or individual rooms:
  • Unique technology monitors room temperature, adjusting within seconds to maintain the pre-set temperature
  • Reduced cold spots: A variable-speed blower circulates warm air evenly throughout the room, for consistent warmth even in corners
  • Safety features include lockable controls, auto restart and cool-to-thetouch cabinet
  • Easy install with no ductwork and multiple venting options
  • Specifications:

  • Color

    Beige / White

    Gas Type

    Natural Gas and Propane

    Input Range (Low/High)

    Natural Gas: 13,200 / 38,400 BTU

    Propane: 13,200 / 36,500 BTU

    AFUE Rating


    Fan Output (Low/High)

    190.7 / 263.0 CFM (5.4 / 7.4 CMM)


    Width: 36.6 inches (930 mm)

    Height: 26.4 inches (670 mm)

    Depth: 13 inches (320 mm)

    Shipping Weight

    88 lbs (40 kg)

    Power Consumption (Electronic ignition)

    117 watts

    Standby Power Consumption

    Less than 1 watt

    Noise Level

    39 - 46 dB

    Total Extended Vent

    13 ft. (4 m)

    Total Vertical Vent

    10 ft. (3 m)




    10-year on heat exchanger, 5-year on parts, 2-year on labor

    Approved Altitude

    10,200 ft. (3,109 m)