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15 AMP Heavy Duty outdoor timer w/photocell and 2 outlets

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$ 25.86

The Timer-300 is suitable for outdoor use. This timer is ideal for controlling landscape lighting and holiday lights. In the summer the Timer-100 will also control your small pumps, fountain, and motors. The Timer-300 will help you save energy with automatic adjustment of "dusk to dawn".

Features Include:
  • Manual ON/Timer switch.
  • 6.5" cord and grounded plug.
  • Choice of settings:
    • ON at dusk & OFF 2, 4, 6, or 8 hrs later
    • ON at dusk & OFF at dawn.
    • ON Continuously
    • OFF
Outlet is Rated for:
  • 125VAC 15A, 1875W General Purpose
  • 125VAC 15A, 1875W Resistive
  • 125VAC 625W Tungsten
  • 125VAC 1/3 HP, TV-5