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Aluminum Hardscape Light - 12V

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SKU 7031-27BZ
  • Conveniently adapts into existing 12V system
  • Translucent diffuser eliminates worrisome hotspots for even light projection
  • Mounting options included: Stainless Steel Under Capstone Brackets, Clips and Hardware
  • Simple two screw mounting option into handrails, bench seats, decks, steps and fences
  • IP66 rated, protected against high pressure water jets
  • Potted electronics and conformal coated LEDs for long term moisture protection
Length Power Brightness
18 Inches 9.3W, 13.4VA Up to 265 lm
12 Inches 6.5W, 10.1VA Up to 185 lm
6 Inches 3.1W, 5.1VA Up to 90 lm
3 Inches 1.4W, 2.5VA Up to 40lm