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Enjoy fast and free shipping on all orders over $89! Contact us (855) 424-4376

Yard Camel Portable Irrigation System - YC-100

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Introducing the Yard Camel, the Green Industry's premier portable temporary irrigation system. Don't spend your time worrying about your new sod or seed, let the Yard Camel take care of your watering needs! Perfect for anyone establishing new lawns. No power is required, only a water source. Units can be easily "daisy chained" together for large areas. Can also be used to water gardens, dust control on roads, or horse arenas.

What's included:
  • Yard Camel Portable Irrigation System
  • Portable Station Timer
  • 3 AA Batteries
  • 4 valves to control up to two sprinklers per Valve.

What's required:

  • Hoses from water source faucet to Yard Camel (or daisy chained Yard Camel)
  • Hoses from Yard Camel to every sprinkler

Great for Contractors:

  • Eliminate stress on newly sodded lawns
  • Quickly establish seeded lawns
  • Perfect for watering in new landscapes
  • Labor savings from reduced call backs
  • Great for B & B holding areas on commercial jobs
  • Reusable for many seasons to come

Great for Homeowners:

  • Establishes your newly seeded or sodded lawn
  • Protects your landscape investment
  • Keeps your lawn watered and growing while you're away
  • Reusable during hot & dry months
  • Automatic watering at an economical price

    Installation Video:

    Q: What size of hoses do I need?

    A: The best size hoses to use are 3/4", instead of 5/8". All hoses have 3/4" fittings on the ends but the diameter of the hose varies. 3/4" is the best because it has less restriction and allows for less pressure loss.

    Q. Can I use this for a rooftop garden?

    A: It's perfect for a rooftop garden! You'll need the spider stand version, then Yard Camel up to a water source and use the spider stands to water.

    Q: How much area will one of the sprinkler heads cover?

    A: Each sprinkler head will throw approximately an 80' diameter.

    Q: How many sprinklers can I run at one time?

    A: This depends on how much water and pressure you have available from your water source. The valves in the Yard Camel box will flow enough water to run 2-3 heads. Included in your Yard Camel is 6 heads which is 2 per valve. You might find that you have low pressure and low flow and can only run 1 sprinkler per valve.

    Q. I have a big area to water, can I use more than Yard Camel?

    A: Yes! The Yard Camel can be daisy chained to as many as you need. A hose is required to connect them.

    Q: Can I leave the Yard Camel outside?

    A: Yes. The Yard Camel is housed in a weather resistant carrying case.

    More Frequently Asked Questions can be found at Yard Camel FAQs

    Q: Can you tell me the Dimensions?

    A: Yes, see below:

    • Connection Size: 3/4"
    • Height: 12.50"
    • Length: 13.50"
    • Width/Diameter (in): 16.50"
    Q: What are the Irrigation specifications and what's the best pressure to use?
    A: Best pressure, is 50 PSI, see below for more specifications:
    • Spray Radius: 80 Feet
    • Flow Rate: 4 - 18 GPM
    • Start Times: 3 different times
    • Station Run Times: 1-99 minutes
    • Number of programs: 3 programs
    • Zones/Stations: 3 zones
    • Optimum Pressure: 50 PSI
    • Pressure Rating: 30 - 80 PSI
    • Recommend Spacing: 80 Feet
    About the Yard Camel:

    The Yard Camel with Spider Stands is a great option for getting to those hard to reach spots in your landscape. Spider Stands are a perfect tool for your roof garden. They are light weight and the legs fold in making them compact. This allows the Spider Stand to be safe and easy to carry up ladders, and allows you to quickly set up your watering zone. Spiders Stands also work well within your green house or in the middle of your garden. The elevation provided from the legs allows the impact sprinkler to stand above the vegetation, and will give you with the coverage needed, while not harming your plants.

    The Yard Camel with the Spiked Sprinklers brings you the stability to stand up to the elements while giving you the efficiency to water your landscape. They are easy to install with a simple push in and pull up. The spike will help you drive the sprinkler in the toughest of clay soils and hold them firm. The spiked sprinklers are a great option for watering your new turf area. Simply place the spiked sprinkler and let the Yard Camel take over from there. The spike will hold the impact sprinkler in place preventing it from tipping over while giving you peace of mind that your turf is being watered.