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Enjoy fast and free shipping on all orders over $89! Contact us (855) 424-4376
Anatomy of Rain Bird Landscape Drip Systems

Anatomy of Rain Bird Landscape Drip Systems

The XF Series Dripline is the most flexible, pressure compensating inline emitter tubing available. Its unique material offers significantly greater flexibility, allowing tighter turns with fewer elbows for easier installation. The dual-layered tubing (brown over black) provides unmatched resistance to chemicals, UV damage and algae growth.

• Flexible XF Series dripline with advanced polymers that provide kink- resistance and reduced coil memory for easier installation

• Compact Control Zones with matched pressure regulator and filter to reduce parts, eliminate potential leak problems, and allow for fitting more Control Zones in a valve box

• Precision low volume SQ spray nozzles that offer a square wetting pattern and adjust to either 2.5' or 4' throw distances

• Point-source emitters that provide pressure compensation with a wide selection of flow rates and three inlet options (Barb, 1032 threaded, and ½" FPT)

• XFS dripline with Copper Shield Technology™ for use in sub-surface applications under turf or shrub and groundcover areas. The copper chip effectively protects the emitter from root intrusion

Drip Systems


Targeted Watering with Xerigation® / Landscape Drip Rain Bird

Xerigation/Landscape Drip products are made especially for low-volume irrigation systems. By delivering water at or near the plants’ root zones, Rain Bird Xerigation products offer targeted watering with the following advantages:

• Water conservation

• Greater efficiency (target each plant)

• Design flexibility; simple construction and easily expandable

• Healthier plants • Reduced liability (e.g. no overspray, no runoff)

• Minimization of weed growth

• Cost savings

Drip Systems


Find the right Drip System Plan for your needs.


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