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Boost Your Plant Growth with DIG Irrigation's Fertilizer Injector: The Benefits of Precise Nutrient Control and Even Distribution

Boost Your Plant Growth with DIG Irrigation's Fertilizer Injector: The Benefits of Precise Nutrient Control and Even Distribution

DIG Irrigation is a company that provides a wide range of irrigation solutions, including fertilizer injectors. A fertilizer injector is a device that allows you to add fertilizer or other liquid nutrients to your irrigation system. This can be a great way to improve the health and growth of your plants, without the need for additional manual labor or cost.

Fertilizer Injector

Economical, flexible and easy-to-use, the Fertilizer Injectors are ideal for residential, commercial and greenhouse use including feeding lawns, shrubs, trees, flowers, raised beds, vines and potted plants automatically, without a pump, spreaders or hoses. They are available with capacities from one pint to five gallons and are designed to feed your plants using any liquid fertilizer nutrients or premixed liquid of water-soluble granular fertilizer through your drip irrigation, micro sprinkler, misting or sprinklers system. The Fertilizer Injectors are designed for use under the water pressure presented in any the irrigation system with up to 80 PSI.


• Applies the optimum rate of liquid fertilizer or additive with no leftover residues or minerals

• Available in varying tank and canister sizes with capacities of 1 pint, 1 ½ quarts, .5, 1, 2, 3 and 5 gallons (.5, 1.4,1.9, 3.8 and 7.6 liters)

• Can be installed above or below grade inside an irrigation box

• Constructed of heavy-walled UV-resistant PVC without any moving parts, making them very reliable and offering maintenance-free operation

• Preset to apply a specific ratio consistently and proportionately versus quantitative injectors that apply a specific amount of fertilizer

How the Fertilizer Injectors Operate

The fertilizer additive is placed into the Fertilizer Injector canister and it does not become diluted as the irrigation system operates. Through a unique hydraulic design, a small amount of water is diverted from the main line flowing through the unit canister and then is forced into the top. A slight pressure differential is created between the inlet and the outlet drawing the fertilizer out from the bottom of the canister. The water coming into the top of the Fertilizer Injector canister is lighter than the solution of fertilizer in it. The liquid fertilizer solution has a heavier specific gravity than the water. Therefore, the water sits on top of the solution of fertilizer, not mixing with it. The distribution of the fertilizer is the same from beginning to end. After the fertilizer solution has been dispensed, the canister will contain only water.

One of the key benefits of the DIG Irrigation fertilizer injector is that it allows you to apply fertilizer evenly across your entire irrigation system. This is important because it ensures that all of your plants receive the same level of nutrients, regardless of their location in your garden or field. This can help to improve the overall health and growth of your plants, as well as to reduce the risk of nutrient deficiencies and other problems. 

The Fertilizer Injectors have been designed for use with any brand of liquid fertilizer including water-soluble dry fertilizers, such as Scotts Miracle Gro®, Peters Professional®, Bandini Pro Choice® or Grow More®, when pre-blended with water





Why is Liquid Fertilizer Recommended?

Studies have shown that all fertilizers must be in liquid form before they can be absorbed by plants. The properties of liquid fertilizers are far different from dry forms (such as time-release pellets) by the manner in which they move through the soil and become available to plants. Liquid fertilizer (which includes water soluble fertilizer that has been premixed with water) is faster and superior to dry forms when applied frequently and in small amounts. This enables plants to absorb the nutrients before they are washed away or move below the root area. This also means that there are no stress periods of higher or lower levels of fertilizer to inhibit growth, and no leaching can take place by over watering, which might contaminate natural waters.

Another benefit of the DIG Irrigation fertilizer injector is that it allows you to control the amount of fertilizer that you apply to your plants. This is important because different plants have different nutrient requirements, and too much or too little fertilizer can be harmful to their health. With the injector, you can easily adjust the amount of fertilizer that you apply, so you can be sure that your plants are getting just the right amount of nutrients.

Fertilizer Injector


The DIG Irrigation fertilizer injector is a great solution for anyone who wants to improve the health and growth of their plants, while also reducing the amount of manual labor and cost involved. With its durable design, easy installation, and precise control, it is an excellent choice for any irrigation system

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