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Enjoy fast and free shipping on all orders over $89! Contact us (855) 424-4376
Christmas Lighting Accessories

Christmas Lighting Accessories

One of my all time favorite Holiday movies is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. It is full of one liner’s and typical mistakes that either somebody we know or even ourselves has made at different times in our Christmas decorating. While Clark Griswold is setting up his Christmas lights on his house he does just about everything wrong. Something that would have helped him make fewer mistakes is if he had the right accessories to do the job correctly. For example, an All-In-One Clip, a Magnetic Clip, or even a Shingle Tab. These few accessories although fairly simple make all the difference when you are decorating your roof line. 

All-In-One Clip 

These clips are used to connect both C7 and C9 lights to your gutter and roof line. It’s a very easy process to connect these lights to this clip and these clips can last for years! An All-In-One-Clip is an accessory we all need at some point in our Chrimstas decorating career so it is never a bad idea to buy a few more than you think you need. That way if a wind or snow storm takes off your lights you have enough of these All-In-One Clips to take care of your problem. My favorite thing about the All-In-One Clip is the fact that you can leave your Christmas lights up all year and nobody notices them, because they blend in so nicely with your house and gutter! This was a huge selling point for me when I purchased them for my house. 

The Magnetic Clip

 Is a strong magnet that allows for unlimited lighting possibilities on metal roofs, gates, flashing, hand rails, and any other metal surface. A great example of the magnetic clip in action is pictured to the right here.

Shingle Tab

A Shingle Tab has many functions that can be used for every home owner. They are able to hold C7 or C9 bulbs onto the roof line with a flip tab for a firmer grip. That way the Christmas Lights look more uniform and stay in place. Overall a great accessory to buy if you are looking to hang your lights on your shingles.

 All of these are different accessories that are extremely helpful and useful as long as you know what you are doing. There are many different tutorials of how to use these different accessories at this link here if you ever need help. Let’s see if we can’t minimize the Griswold’s this year and have a brighter and better Christmas with adding in these accessories into our lighting this year.

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