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Essential Pool Care Tips with FROG @ease 01-12-8406

Essential Pool Care Tips with FROG @ease 01-12-8406

Maintaining a clean and well-balanced swimming pool is crucial for an enjoyable swimming experience.

When it comes to pool care, using the right products can make all the difference.

Flippin’ FROG® 01-12-8406 sanitizing mineral pool care will help destroy bacteria to keep your pool clean with less work and up to 50% less chlorine.

It is super easy to use and will keep you enjoying a clean, clear swimming pool for weeks at a time.

 Pool Care Tips with FROG @ease 01-12-8406

Understanding the FROG @ease 01-12-8406:

Flippin’ FROG® ’s prefilled cartridges snap together and create Fresh Mineral Water in your pool. It kills bacteria 2 ways – with Fresh Minerals and a low level of chlorine.

And flips upside down when it’s time to refill. Forget the mess, guess or stress, you’ll flip over Flippin’ FROG’s easy water care.

Start with a Clean Pool:

Before installing the FROG @ease 01-12-8406, it's essential to ensure that your pool is clean and free from debris.

Skim the water surface, vacuum the pool floor, and clean the pool walls as necessary.

Removing any dirt or contaminants will set the stage for optimal performance of the @ease system.

Proper Installation:

Installing the FROG @ease 01-12-8406 is a straightforward process.

Remove outer packaging from both the mineral and chlorine cartridges of the Flippin’ FROG

Pool Care Tips with FROG @ease 01-12-8406

Line up arrow on chlorine cartridge with the unlock symbol on the mineral cartridge. Push together and twist to lock.

Pool Care Tips with FROG @ease 01-12-8406

Twist the mineral cartridge opposite of the chlorine cartridge until the setting number for your pool size is lined up with the arrow. Even at the lowest possible setting of 0 there will be some chlorine released into the pool.

Monitor Water Balance:

Maintaining proper water balance is vital for the efficiency of the FROG @ease 01-12-8406. Regularly test the pH and alkalinity levels using a reliable test strip.

Ideally, the pH should be between 7.4 and 7.6, while the total alkalinity should range from 80 to 120 ppm. Adjust these levels as necessary to optimize the performance of the system.

Pool Care Tips with FROG @ease 01-12-8406

Replace Mineral Cartridge and Chlorine SmartChlor Cartridge:

The FROG @ease 01-12-8406 utilizes replaceable cartridges 01-03-8356 to provide continuous pool care. 

When the product is almost empty, it will slowly flip over giving you notice that it’s about time to replace. Do not remove the chlorine cartridge until the system has completely flipped.

When it completely flips over replace by rotating the two cartridges until the arrows align along the edge of both cartridges and pull apart.

Pool Care Tips with FROG @ease 01-12-8406

Shock the Pool when Needed:

Although the FROG @ease 01-12-8406 provides continuous sanitation, occasionally, it's necessary to shock the pool. 

Shock the pool at least weekly when the pool is being used often and every few days when the water temperature is 90 degrees or more to maintain water clarity. Follow label directions on the shock treatment used.

Regular Maintenance and Cleaning:

In addition to the FROG @ease system, regular maintenance and cleaning are essential for a well-maintained pool. Skim the water surface, clean the pool filters, and brush the pool walls to prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris. This routine maintenance will help the @ease system work at its best.


Investing in the FROG @ease 01-12-8406 pool care system can simplify your pool maintenance routine and provide you with crystal-clear water throughout the swimming season.

By following the installation instructions, maintaining water balance, replacing cartridges as needed, and performing regular maintenance, you can optimize the performance of this innovative system.

Enjoy a hassle-free pool care experience and spend more time enjoying your pool with the FROG @ease 01-12-8406.


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