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How to setup the Rain Bird LNK WiFi Module and the mobile app

How to setup the Rain Bird LNK WiFi Module and the mobile app

  1. Download the Rain Bird App.
  2. Check the signal strength at the controller location. Reminder that the module works on 2.4ghz. You may need to move your controller closer to your WiFi hub if you have a weak signal.
  3. Insert LNK WiFi Module into the Accessory Port on compatible controller models.Rain Bird - LNK WiFi Module
  4. Verify LNK WiFi Module is alternating blinking red and green. If it is not, press the button on the WiFi module.   
  5. Launch the Rain Bird app and press the Add Controller button.
  6. Follow app prompts to set up WiFi connection to Rain Bird controller.
  7. Share access to the controller as needed.
  8. Program and test controller by turning on watering at the timer and through the Rain Bird app.


What do the various LED light sequences on the LNK WiFi Module represent?


Connected to Controller

Sequence: Solid Red followed by three rapid Green flashes
Meaning: WiFi Module is booting up and has successfully connected with the Rain Bird controller connected with the Rain Bird controller


WiFi Hotspot

Sequence: Alternating Green and Red flashing
Meaning: Module is powered ON and broadcasting as WiFi Access Point (Hotspot – Rain Bird WiFi network only, no internet access)


No WiFi

Sequence: Red flashing with 2 seconds between
Meaning: Module is powered ON but is not connected to a WiFi network and not broadcasting a WiFi Access Point – this happens when a WiFi module is plugged in but not connected to a WiFi network within 20 minutes, or when it has lost a WiFi connection


Just Connected

Sequence: One Red flash followed by 5 rapid Green flashes
Meaning: Module has just connected to a local WiFi network


WiFi Connected with Internet Access

Sequence: Green flashing with 2 seconds between
Meaning: Module is powered on and is connected to a local WiFi network with internet, which is talking to the Rain Bird server


LAN Connected – no Internet

Sequence: Two rapid Green flashes separated by 2 seconds
Meaning: Module is connected to a local WiFi network but it does not have internet access and is not connected to the Rain Bird Server. There is no connection to the controller when the mobile device is not in the range of the wireless network.


Factory Reset

Sequence: Two Amber flashes followed by the “Connected to Controller” sequence (solid red followed by 3 rapid Green flashes) and then the “WiFi Hotspot” sequence (alternating Green and Red flashes)
Meaning: When the WiFi module button is held down for 5 seconds the WiFi module completes a factory reset where all WiFi network information is erased and it has to be connected again


WiFi Module Communication Error with the Controller

Sequence: Solid Red
Meaning: The WiFi module is not communicating with the controller. It is best to take the following actions to try to resolve this issue. If the first does not resolve the issue please continue trying the following steps.

  1. Remove and reinsert the WiFi module. Make sure none of the pins the module slides into are bent.
  2. Remove the WiFi module again and press the reset button on the controller (may require a pen), wait 3 seconds, then reinsert the WiFi module
  3. Reset the WiFi module. While plugged in, press and hold the button on the WiFi module for 5 seconds. After this reset is complete it will be necessary to set up the WiFi module again in the Rain Bird App as if it was new. Delete any previous controllers from the app by pressing the trash can icon for that controller in the app.
  4. If none of the above steps resolve the issue please contact Rain Bird customer service to determine if the WiFi module and controller are under warranty for replacement.

System Reset

Sequence: One Amber flash without button push
Meaning: The WiFi module has detected an error and is completing a self-reboot to resolve the error


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