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Orbit 58322 Traveling Sprinkler Parts and Tips

Orbit 58322 Traveling Sprinkler Parts and Tips

If you're a homeowner who takes pride in their lawn, you understand the importance of watering your grass regularly. But with so many different types of sprinklers on the market, it can be tough to know which one is right for you.

The Orbit 58322 Traveling Sprinkler is a unique sprinkler that uses water pressure to move along a path that you've set up using a hose. The sprinkler is self-propelled, meaning it can cover a large area of your lawn without you having to move it around manually. This is a huge benefit for those with large lawns who don't want to spend hours watering by hand.

Orbit 58322 Traveling Sprinkler
Compatible with 5/8-inch hose, this sprinkler can traverse up to 200 feet. The body is made of cast iron, perfect to weigh the sprinkler down and ensure it travels along the hose path without stalling. Spiked rear wheels and durable gears provide smooth, dependable travel. The rotary spray provides even coverage; simply twist each spray arm to adjust the watering diameter from a minimum of 15 feet to maximum coverage of 55 feet.



Orbit 58322 Traveling Sprinkler





Its three speed settings allow for different rates of coverage, select from high, low, or neutral speed control. In high gear, the sprinkler travels approximately 37 feet per hour and applies about ¼ inch of water.


Orbit 58322 Traveling Sprinkler


In low gear, the sprinkler travels approximately 21 feet per hour and applies about ½ inch of water. Set it to neutral to use it as a stationary sprinkler. Use the specialty ramp to stop at any location along the hose length to turn off the sprinkler, the sprinkler stops when its shut-off plunger contacts the ramp stop.

Orbit 58322 Traveling Sprinkler


 Features and Benefits

  • SELF-PROPELLED SPRINKLER: Create a custom path for the sprinkler to follow using your 5/8-inch garden hose.
  • LARGE-AREA COVERAGE: Spray coverage up to 13,500 square feet along 200 feet of hose.
  • THREE POSITION SPEED CONTROL: Select from high, low, or neutral stationary settings to control the saturation level of your lawn.
  • ADJUSTABLE COVERAGE: Simply twist each spray arm to adjust the watering diameter from 15 feet to a maximum coverage of 55 feet.
  • AUTOMATIC SHUT OFF: Use the ramp stop at any location along the hose length to turn off the sprinkler and prevent water waste.
  • HIGH-TRACTION WHEELS: Spiked wheels keep the sprinkler moving, even on wet grass and slopes.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Rust-proof, cast-iron body for stability and durability that lasts season after season.

Orbit 58322 Traveling Sprinkler


If your Orbit 58322 traveling sprinkler isn't moving, here are some troubleshooting steps you can take:

  1. Check the water pressure: Make sure your water pressure is strong enough to power the sprinkler. If the pressure is too low, the sprinkler may not move.

  2. Check for obstructions: Make sure there are no obstructions in the path of the sprinkler, such as rocks, sticks, or debris.

  3. Check the wheels: Make sure the wheels are turning freely and aren't stuck or blocked by any debris. If the wheels are stuck, try cleaning them and lubricating them with a silicone lubricant.

  4. Check the gears: Make sure the gears are engaged and aren't stripped or damaged. If the gears are damaged, you may need to replace them.

  5. Check the hose: Make sure the hose is connected securely and isn't kinked or damaged. If the hose is damaged, replace it.

  6. Check the spray arm: Make sure the spray arm is attached securely and isn't clogged with debris. If it is clogged, clean it thoroughly with a hose or a brush.

  7. Check the water flow: Make sure water is flowing freely through the sprinkler. If there is no water flow, check the valve or water source.

  8. Moving Backwards: You have the wands pointed in the opposite direction they need to be. Rotate them to point the opposite and it should go forward.

More Tips:

  1. Wheels are locked unless in the Neutral position: When it is not in neutral it is "in gear". While in gear the wheels only turn via water pressure going through the system. They will not turn freely when not hooked up to water. When you are hooked up to water pressure at low speed, it appears the wheels are not turning at all. Low speed is so slow that you have to watch it for several minutes to detect any movement from a reference point.
  2. You've checked all the above and it's still not moving: Check the auto-stop shut off pin under the tractor located just forward the wheels. In order to operate and travel that shut off pin must be pulled down and releases all the gears.



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