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Enjoy fast and free shipping on all orders over $89! Contact us (855) 424-4376
Rinnai Furnace Heater

Rinnai Furnace Heater

Every time winter comes around one thing that I can never keep consistent in my home is the temperature. My family is constantly opening doors to let dogs out, people walking inside, people leaving the garage door open, these things cause the temperature in my house to constantly fluctuate from 65-75 degrees! It can be pretty annoying to always go and switch the thermostat to heat every hour or so, because all of our warm air is let out. But Rinnai has come up with a product that has fixed this problem. They call it the Rinnai EX08CN Natural Gas Direct Vent Wall Furnace. Which is a long name for a furnace.

What is really special about this furnace is that it sits anywhere from 5-9” off of the floorRinnai Furnace Heater
 and detects as little as one degree of difference in your household. This is remarkable 
because then you never have to go turn on your thermostat to re-adjust the heat when someone leaves a door open for too long. The Rinnai Furnace does it for you! You can set the desired temperature that you want on the furnace and the furnace will keep that constant temperature without you doing anything.

This is what every home owner needs for keeping their homes warm, or even a desired space warm where it doesn’t get as much heat, like the basement. 

This furnace has proven to be very effective and beneficial to home owners all across the nation.  And it could make your home a bit cozier and your life a bit easier this winter and future winter seasons seeing it has a warranty of 10 years.

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