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Supco MUKIT Umbrella with Magnetic Base: Your Perfect Professional Companion

Supco MUKIT Umbrella with Magnetic Base: Your Perfect Professional Companion

In an industry where job conditions often involve battling the elements, the SUPCO® TradeFox™ MUKIT Magnetic Umbrella offers a breakthrough solution for HVAC technicians.

This innovative tool, with its patented base that swivels and locks, not only provides protection against harsh weather but also secures comfortably to any metal housing, thanks to a heavy-duty magnet.

Supco MUKIT Umbrella with Magnetic Base

Impressive Design

With a robust 60" width, the MUKIT Magnetic Umbrella provides an ample shield from the scorching sun and pelting rain during field service jobs.

The umbrella is UV coated, making it resistant to harmful sun rays that can cause burns or heat exhaustion.

Moreover, the umbrella is waterproof, ensuring that technicians remain dry while working on outdoor repairs during downpours.

The umbrella also features durable and flexible fiberglass ribs. This design choice provides exceptional strength and flexibility, making the umbrella wind-resistant and less likely to break or get damaged in turbulent conditions.

Ease of Use

The MUKIT Magnetic Umbrella is designed for quick and easy setup. It includes a lanyard (MULNYD) that can be placed over the hex nut at assembly to secure the umbrella to the work area.

This feature offers added assurance that the umbrella won't topple over or fly away during windy conditions.

Magnetic Base

One of the standout features of the MUKIT Magnetic Umbrella is its adjustable magnetic base (MUBASE).

This heavy-duty magnet can attach securely to any metal housing, enabling HVAC technicians to position the umbrella wherever it's most convenient and effective.

Whether working on a rooftop unit or a ground-level condenser, this magnetic umbrella stands firm and provides essential shade or cover.

Patented Swiveling Base

The patented base of the SUPCO® TradeFox™ MUKIT Magnetic Umbrella swivels and locks, allowing technicians to adjust the umbrella's angle according to the sun's position or the direction of the rain.

This versatility ensures that no matter where you're working or how the elements are behaving, you can maintain an optimal working environment.


Supco MUKIT Umbrella with Magnetic Base


The SUPCO® TradeFox™ MUKIT Magnetic Umbrella is a testament to the ingenuity present in the SUPCO® TradeFox™ Technician-Invented product line.

With its thoughtful design and user-friendly features, this magnetic umbrella has quickly become a go-to tool for HVAC professionals. With this tool in their arsenal, HVAC technicians can focus more on the task at hand, safe in the knowledge that they have a sturdy, reliable, and adjustable barrier against the elements.

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