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Top Reasons to Install a Rinnai RWM101 Control-R WiFi

Top Reasons to Install a Rinnai RWM101 Control-R WiFi

Have you ever considered improving your water heater experience? The Rinnai RWM101 Control-R WiFi is a tankless water heater integrated solution that ensures efficiency, flexibility, and innovation. Let's look at the top reasons why.

Product Registration

It has never been easier to register your Rinnai product.
You may use the app to register for and take advantage of an extended service plan. This ensures you of Rinnai's reliable services and puts extended assistance at your fingertips. Remember that conditions apply, and it is only available on select models.

Connect a Control-r™ WiFi Module

This digital experience is built on a reliable connection. Connecting the WiFi module is a breeze thanks to the app's simple, step-by-step instructions. This allows you to remotely manage your tankless water heater, giving you unprecedented control.

Temperature Set Up

Do you have a specific temperature in mind for the ideal bath?
Adjust the temperature with a single tap to match your family's hot water preferences. It's the epitome of customization.

Recirculation Control & Scheduling

Do you want hot water right away?
Set up recirculation and scheduling patterns that work for your family's schedule.
Furthermore, when you go on vacation, put it in vacation mode. This saves money and energy by ensuring you only use hot water when needed.

Real-Time Status & Maintenance Alerts

No matter where you are, you can stay up to date on the performance of your tankless unit. The real-time status feature guarantees that your water heater runs efficiently. Furthermore, unanticipated situations will not catch you off guard because automatic maintenance alerts will keep you informed.

Find a Rinnai PRO

Are you looking for professional advice? The Rinnai Central will offer a list of PROs ready to assist you based on your area. These experts are qualified to provide unrivaled assistance, ensuring that your system functions flawlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions in the App

Do you have any questions? The FAQ section inside the program provides quick answers to the most frequently asked questions. And what if your question isn't listed? Send a message, and Rinnai's Customer Care team will respond quickly.

Rinnai News

Keep up to date on Rinnai's latest developments. Whether it's their desire to live a healthy lifestyle or their environmental commitment, the app will keep you updated



The Rinnai RWM101 Control-R WiFi is more than simply a tankless water heater control tool. It's a comprehensive solution that combines convenience, control, and care into a single package. By using this technology, you are not only ensuring a smooth water heating experience, but you are also taking a step toward a smarter and more efficient living.



1. How easy is it to connect the Control-r™ WiFi Module?
With the step-by-step guide in the app, connecting the WiFi module is user-friendly and straightforward.

2. Can I change the recirculation schedule later?
Absolutely! The app offers flexibility to adjust the recirculation and scheduling patterns as per your needs.

3. Do I receive alerts for all kinds of maintenance issues?
The app provides automatic maintenance alerts for significant concerns to ensure the efficient functioning of your water heater.

4. How often does Rinnai update its news in the app?
Rinnai frequently updates its news section, informing users about their latest initiatives and updates.

5. Is the extended service plan available for all Rinnai models?
The extended service plan through the app registration is available only on select Rinnai models. It's best to check the app for eligibility.



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