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Utilizing the Potential of the Liberty Pumps 404 Drain Pump

Utilizing the Potential of the Liberty Pumps 404 Drain Pump

Figuring out how to move water when gravity fed sewer lines can be a bane of any plumber. But what if there was a solution that was compact, effective, and versatile?

Enter the Liberty Pumps 404 drain pump. This device has been a game-changer in the world of plumbing, offering a host of features that make it ideal for various usage applications.

From bar sinks and laundry trays to dehumidifiers and utility sinks, this pump handles them all with ease.

Its compact height makes it a winner, allowing it to fit snugly into cabinets and under sinks, all while doing an admirable job of gray wastewater drainage below gravity lines.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Let's plunge deeper into the features, specs, applications, and warranty of the Liberty Pumps 404 drain pump.

Liberty Pumps 404 Drain Pump

The Liberty Pumps 404 Drain Pump: A Compact Marvel

Factory Pre-assembled and Ready to Install

The Liberty Pumps 404 comes factory pre-assembled, making it a breeze to install. But what does that mean for you?

  • No fumbling around with components.
  • No specialized knowledge required.
  • A hassle-free installation process, saving time and effort.

And, it's not just about ease of installation. This pump offers fully automatic operation, so you can set it and forget it!

Short Profile Design: The Height of Convenience

The Liberty Pumps 404 is a testament to the adage that good things come in small packages. With a short profile design standing only 11" tall, this pump is an ideal fit for compact areas.

Whether it's sliding under a sink or nestling inside a cabinet, the Liberty Pumps 404 finds a home without cramping your style or space.


Liberty Pumps 404 Drain Pump

Separate Access Cover for Easy Switch Inspection (QuickTree®)

Liberty Pumps 404 integrates QuickTree® technology, a feature that simplifies the inspection and removal of the float switch without disconnecting the plumbing. No need to worry about complex procedures or a potential mess; QuickTree® has got you covered.

Liberty Pumps 404 Drain Pump

Integrally Molded Rubber Gasket for a Superior Gas-tight Seal

The integrally molded rubber gasket in the Liberty Pumps 404 ensures a superior gas-tight seal. This clever feature helps to prevent leakage and offers long-lasting reliability. It's another example of the thoughtfulness and quality engineering that Liberty Pumps is known for.

Alarm and Wi-Fi Alarmed Models Available

The Liberty Pumps 404 takes safety and convenience to new heights with its standard alarm and Wi-Fi alarmed models. Whether you're at home or away, these features give you peace of mind knowing your pump is working as it should, and you'll be alerted if there's a problem.

Key Features and Specs of Liberty Pumps 404

The Power Under the Hood: 1/3 HP, 115V, 5.2A

The Liberty Pumps 404 isn't just about compact design and convenient features; it's a workhorse. With its 1/3 HP, 115V, 5.2A motor, this pump offers the power and efficiency needed to handle your drainage requirements.

Liberty Pumps 404 Drain Pump

Thermal Overload Protection and Oil-filled, Hermetically Sealed Motor

To complement its power, the motor in the Liberty Pumps 

also offers thermal overload protection and is oil-filled and hermetically sealed for optimal performance. The thermal overload protection safeguards the motor from overheating, thereby enhancing its longevity. Simultaneously, the oil-filled, hermetically sealed design improves lubrication and cooling, ensuring smooth and consistent operation.

Impressive Flow Rate and Maximum Discharge Head

When it comes to pumping capabilities, the Liberty Pumps 404 shines with an impressive flow rate and maximum discharge head. With a maximum flow rate of 34 GPM (Gallons Per Minute) and a maximum discharge head of 21 feet, this pump is designed to handle demanding drainage tasks with ease.

Sump/Sewage Type with 10' Cord Length

The Liberty Pumps 404 comes with a 10' cord length, providing ample flexibility for installation and connection. As a sump/sewage type pump, it's well-equipped to handle wastewater from various household appliances and fixtures, making it a versatile addition to your plumbing system.

Applications of the Liberty Pumps 404

Given its powerful motor, versatile features, and compact design, the Liberty Pumps 404 is a perfect fit for a variety of applications:

  • Laundry trays: This pump can efficiently handle the wastewater from washing machines, making it an excellent addition to your basement laundry room or any area that doesn't have a gravity fed drain line.
  • Bar sinks: It's also perfect for bar sinks, providing reliable and effective drainage.
  • Dehumidifiers: The Liberty Pumps 404 can be used to pump water from dehumidifiers where gravity drainage isn't feasible.
  • Utility sinks: With its power and reliability, it's a great choice for utility sinks in your basement or garage.
  • Gray wastewater: This pump can effectively handle gray wastewater from showers and sinks below sewer lines, helping to prevent potential flooding and water damage.

Warranty and Customer Support

Another commendable aspect of the Liberty Pumps 404 is its impressive warranty. Liberty Pumps offers a 3-year warranty on the 404 model, ensuring that you have plenty of coverage should any problems arise.

This warranty period is testament to the brand's confidence in its product's quality and durability.

Beyond the warranty, Liberty Pumps is known for its excellent customer service. Their team is ready and willing to provide support, answer any questions you may have, and assist with troubleshooting or maintenance.

The Liberty Pumps 404 drain pump is an efficient and versatile solution for your wastewater drainage needs. With its compact design, powerful motor, and advanced features like QuickTree® technology, it offers unmatched convenience and performance.

Coupled with a 3-year warranty and excellent customer service, it provides an unrivaled value proposition for homeowners, business owners, and industrial operators alike. Say goodbye to drainage issues with the Liberty Pumps 404.


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