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Wrapping around the Christmas Tree

Wrapping around the Christmas Tree

During the Holiday Season individuals love to see lights on houses and trees! But very few people actually know how difficult and time consuming this process can be. So today I wanted to share a few tips that can help save you some time when you decorate your house for this holiday season.

 Wrapping Trees-

Trees can make or break a yard during the Holiday Season. If your trees are wrapped well with matching colors your yard can look immaculate. If your trees are wrapped with a less than best effort it can take away from the main feature, your house.

Here are some guided instructions on the best ways to wrap your trees this year:
  1. Before beginning pick out which branches you would like to wrap and how high you would like to go. Be sure that you have a ladder if needs be in order to wrap those hard to reach branches. (Remember that not every branch has to be wrapped)
  2. Begin by plugging in your first strand to the power outlet to ensure that you have power and that your lights are working.
  3. Start by wrapping at the base of the tree.
  4. Work your way up the branch by wrapping the strand 3-4” apart each wrap around the tree.
  5. Once you get to the desired height of that branch come back down by wrapping in the 3-4” space that you left on your way up. So it will look something like this
  6. Once you come back down the branch go up your next branch of choice.
  7. Continue steps 4-6 until you have finished the tree. (As a general rule of thumb try wrapping an odd number of branches. It usually looks better.)
  8. Take a step back with all of your lights on to see if the tree looks good. Maybe add a few strands to a branch or wrap an entire new branch
  9. Impress all of your neighbors with your great looking trees!

Hope this helps when you are wrapping your trees. If you need more clarification in how to wrap your trees watch this 2 minute tutorial video. It will definitely help! 

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