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Enjoy fast and free shipping on all orders over $89! Contact us (855) 424-4376

Brilliance Carlsbad Flange

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The Carlsbad Well Light is fitted for any MR16 lamp and comes to life with the Brilliance Chameleon MR16. The flat top comes in a brass finish.

Use Well Lighting & Underground Up Lighting
Lamp MR16, 4W, 2700K, 30°
Includes LightingShrink Professional Crimp and Heat Shrink Cable Connector
Finish Brass, Copper, or Blackened Brass

Fixture Finish Maintenance

The Carlsbad fixture is available in the following finishes: machined copper, brass, or blackened brass. These metals offer a beautiful living finish that weathers over time to a unique patina. If you prefer to maintain the original finish, we recommend wiping down the fixture periodically with a light oil, such as WD-40.



  1. Remove the rear cap and pull out the spring.

  2. Set the MR16 on top of the spring and plug into the socket.

  3. Insert this assembly into the fixture body with the front of the lamp toward the lens.

  4. Screw the back cap onto the fixture body and hand tighten.


  1. Dig a hole in the ground approximately 8” wide by 10” deep.

  2. Connect the power cable to the fixture, leaving 2 feet of wire coiled in the bottom of the fixture for future service.

  3. Pour 5” of pea gravel in the hole.

  4. Place the fixture in the center of the hole.

  5. Add more pea gravel to fill the hole 1” before the fixture lip. This will allow for proper drainage around the fixture.

  6. Apply glass wax on top of the lens to protect against standing water.

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