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Enjoy fast and free shipping on all orders over $89! Contact us (855) 424-4376


Uses all the best features of the field-proven Endura Grease interceptor, but now with solids management capability.

The Solids Basket Accessory can be fitted directly into your Endura grease interceptor in place of the inlet baffle or be located within its own stand alone tank for ease of access and location.


  • Stand alone or integral to interceptor
  • Easy to remove and maintain
  • Removable dual screen filtration
  • Integrated lifting handles
  • Enhanced grease interceptor performance

How It Works

The solids interceptor has two removable screens, the first that separates coarse material (1), followed by a finer screen for smaller debris (2). These have moulded details to ensure they are fitted in the correct location and have flow direction arrows moulded unto the top surface (6). The coarse screen (large openings) is always located upstream (sink side) of the fine screen (small openings).

The solids container incorporates the outlet along the bottom downstream edge and recirculates the flow upward and alongside the basket.

It is highly recommended that a solids interceptor be used in conjunction with the grease interceptor, especially when a food grinder is discharging into the drain line. A solids interceptor will help prevent the grease interceptor from becoming plugged and will help greatly to maintain its effectiveness.


Capacity 300 lb.
Flow Rate 50 GPM
Inlet and Outlet Size 2 Inches
Material Polyethylene
Type Grease Traps

Width: 14 1/2"
Depth: 17 3/8"
Height: 16 5/16"
Capacity: 300 lb.

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