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The Rinnai MVIK-T-LW, an all-inclusive valve system, facilitates a streamlined, two-step installation process for your tankless water heater while ensuring superior safety measures.

The valve system provides full port testing and flushing capabilities, simplifying the process for professional installers. The integration of straightforward union connections aids in a hassle-free assembly. It is further equipped with a full port to ensure unrestricted flow throughout the valve, and a designated outlet dedicated for purging, flushing, and system testing.

The kit contains two unions, two ball valves, two drain valves, and one pressure relief valve. It serves as a compatible plumbing installation kit for all Rinnai water heaters, featuring a 3/4-inch F.I.P. connection that is lead-free. Its straightforward two-step color-coded union connections and full port across the entire valve body enhance the user experience. Also, the kit includes a 3/4-inch outlet for a pressure relief valve and quarter-turn ball valve shut-offs. Please note that professional installation is recommended for optimal results.

  • Rinnai Plumbing Isolation Valve Kit- works with most tankless water heater brands
  • Compact design
  • Ease in Tankless Flushing
  • Threaded Female Connections
  • Lead-Free Rinnai recommends the use of an isolation valve kit when connecting the water lines to the water heater.
This kit meets all individual states' lead-free standards. Use of this kit will allow flushing of the heat exchanger as well as aid in servicing and troubleshooting. This kit comes with a PRV Valve (Not Pictured).

Plumbing Installation Kit For All Rinnai Water Heaters
3/4-Inch F.I.P. Connection
Lead Free
Easy Two Step Color Coded Union Connections
Full Port Throughout Entire Valve Body
3/4-Inch Outlet For Pressure Relief Valve
Quarter Turn Ball Valve Shut-Offs
Professional Installation Recommended

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Installation Kit

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