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Enjoy fast and free shipping on all orders over $89! Contact us (855) 424-4376


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The Fimco 1-1/2 in. 6 outlet Indexing Valve offers a reliable and economical way to automate multiple zoned irrigation systems. This Hydro Indexing Valve has 1 inlet and 6 outlets which are all 1-1/2 in. slip fit.

The simple design of the valve ensures easy installation and maintenance. Valve is recommended for use in a pump driven irrigation system

For installation either above or below ground Valve can run 2 to 6 zones based on the chosen cam configuration 5 and 6 zone cams included For 3 or 4 active zone installations this valve requires a special white cam Offers manual and automatic operation

Requires minimum of 10 PSI pressure Requires a flow rate of 10-75 GPM 1 1/2 in. inlet 1 1/4 in. outlet Great alternative to individual solenoid valves 1 valve can replace up to (6) 1 1/4 in. solenoids 1 above ground FIMCO valve controls all zones eliminating the need to dig into the ground to locate electric solenoid valve boxes Works either manually or fully automatic with a controller (not included) to turn on and off the water supply (pump or solenoid) Only use standard clear PVC cement (not included) for installation of the valve and allow 2 hours to set before subjecting it to internal water pressure, do not use fast setting blue glue as it will rapidly deteriorate the ABS plastic used in the construction of the indexing valve, purple primer has a similar effect and should only be applied to PVC pipe and not the valve housing

Inlet: 1-1/2"
(6) Discharge: 1-1/2"

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