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Clip-All-Plus, Case of 2000

  • $ 18290
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The LEDClip-All-Plus is one of the most versatile clips on the market. The ability to hold a set of Icicle Lights as well as a Bulb offers so much versatility to any light display. The LEDClip-All-Plus easily slips underneath shingles and will hold tight. The LEDClip-All-Plus also has enough gripping power to hold firmly to Mini Lights, which has made the LEDClip-All-Plus the number one choice when installing Mini Lights. Not to mention the LEDClip-All-Plus looks perfect and professional along anyone's roof line. Pick up the LEDClip-All-Plus today, and experience it for yourself.

LEDCLIP-ALL-PLUS is compatible with:
  • C6 Bulbs
  • C7 Bulbs
  • C9 Bulbs
  • Mini Lights
  • Icicle Lights
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