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Enjoy fast and free shipping on all orders over $89! Contact us (855) 424-4376
Enjoy fast and free shipping on all orders over $89! Contact us (855) 424-4376


The Endura 3950A04's one piece tank, like the internal components, is injection molded in engineered thermoplastic. This means that it is lightweight, easy to install and will last! Guaranteed for 10 years, Endura offers installers and restaurant owners the best value and performance on the market today.


  • Lightweight and highly durable
  • Quick release latches
  • Removable baffles
  • Airtight seal
  • In-floor, semi-recessed or on-floor installation


31"L, 23.5"W, 17.5"H (5" top to inlet/outlet center, 12.5" inlet/outlet center to bottom)

Unparalleled Durability
The Endura Grease Interceptor is injection molded in engineered copolymer thermoplastics resulting in lower operating costs and a guaranteed longer life. The Endura’s seamless, leakproof construction is designed to last, even under the most severe applications. Able to withstand continuous use operating temperatures of 220 Deg. F (104 Deg. C), the Endura will handle the demanding conditions of a commercial kitchen.

Flow Control Device (FCD)
The Flow Control is an integral component of the Endura’s design. The FCD regulates the flow and improves separation efficiency, however theycan be prone to plugging and regular maintenance. The Endura flow control with cleanout lid provides quick access to the flow control, in case of blockage. An external flow control makes removing the GI cover unnecessary to remove obstructions thereby recucing the need to release foul odors at inconvenient times.

Unique Innovative Design
Sewer authorities and building owners spend millions of dollars every year combating grease accumulation in plumbing systems which cause sewer overflows. These overflows are a health risk to you, your employees, your customers, and the general public. Injection molded in engineered thermoplastic, the Endura Grease Interceptor provides the best value and performance on the market today.

Easy to Install
The footprint of the Endura has been engineered to allow a simple and fast retrofit of existing installations.

Improved Separation
Thermoplastic construction provides the Endura with superior thermal properties resulting in enhanced grease separation. The patent pending baffle/bulkhead design creates effective grease separation and retention.

Airtight Seal to Contain Offensive Odors
The premium silicone foam gasket provides an airtight seal between the cover and tank, reducing the chance of offensive odors from polluting the workplace. The seal is installed in a moulded channel, deep within the lid, virtually eliminating the possibility of pinching or tearing.

With our engineered thermoplastics the Endura® tank, baffles and lid provide the best combination of lightweight and strength.

Quick and Easy to Clean
Rather than traditional screw or bolt down, the Endura’s new EZ Open latching system, enables the operator to remove and refit the lid quickly and easily. Removable baffles combined with a smooth interior surface that do not degrade in operation provide simlicity and longevity of operation.

Baffle System
Manufactured in engineered thermoplastic, the functionality of the uniquely designed baffling system cannot be compromised by corrosion. The inlet baffle was specifically molded to slow the inlet flow and mix the entrained air, introduced by the flow control assembly, to enhance grease separation.

Versatile Connections
Designed for no-hub connections, the Endura can be installed in environments with various metal and plastic piping materials through the use of Mechanical Joint (MJ) couplings.

Ease of Use / Light Weight
Being significantly lighter than competitive metal units, the Endura Lo-Pro is convenient for distribution and installation yet durable in opration. It is light enough for one person to handle, resulting in substantial labor savings for installation, warehousing and transportation. The Endura can be shipped via courier or parcel carrier allowing for fast delivery and freight savings.

10 Year Limited Warranty
The superior design and strength of the Endura interceptor allows Canplas to guarantee the Endura will not peel, rust or warp. See the warranty section published in the Installation and operation manual.

Flow Rate (GPM):

Inlet Type:
No Hub


Capacity (lbs):
100 lbs

Inlet Size:

Outlet Size:

Outlet Type:
No Hub

31"L, 23.5"W, 17.5"H (5" top to inlet/outlet center, 12.5" inlet/outlet center to bottom)

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