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Enjoy fast and free shipping on all orders over $89! Contact us (855) 424-4376

Spec Sheet Install Manual

Choosing the right Tankless Electric Water Heater for your home.


• Lavatory sinks

• Multi lav configurations ideal for sensor or metering faucets (ML option - 110°F max.)

• Emergency eye wash fountains (EE option - 90°F max.) Performance Features • Industry’s lowest activation with 0.2 GPM turn on flow

• Active energy management with power modulating controls

• Microprocessor temperature control with digital display for thermostatic accuracy +/-1°F

• Field adjustable set point range between 70-140°F. Factory set at 120°F (3.5kW and below set at 105°F). Special settings of higher or lower range available based on options (see Specification Options)

• Silent Operation (except for SPEX0122240T)

• Mounts in any orientation • Proprietary purge technology engages upon installation to help protect against dry-fire occurrence

• Accessible diagnostic feature displays error codes • Cut energy waste – Flow switch activates heater only on demand (no standby heat loss)

• Save water and time by installing unit at point-of-use to eliminate long pipe runs

• Eliminate costly mixing valves (check local codes)

• Continuous hot water – No storage capacity to run out

• Easy installation. Only one cold or hot water line need be brought to installation – integral compression fittings are 3/8" (no sweat connections)

• Reduces installation cost and materials. No T&P relief valve needed (check local codes) • High temperature limit switch (ECO)

• Booster up to 180°F (S option)

• Warranty, five (5) years limited on leaks, one (1) year parts

• Compact size fits almost anywhere for flexible installation; suitable for ADA compliant facilities

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 9.75" x 5.25" x 3"

Weight: 4 lb Cover: ABS UL rated 94 5VA

Color: White

Adj. Temperature Range: 70°F-140°F Min.

Dynamic Operating Pressure: 35 PSI Max.

Dynamic Operating Pressure: 150 PSI Element:

Replaceable Ni Chrome cartridge insert Fittings: 3/8" compression fittings

Electrical Specifications
Power: 5.5kW
Volts: 240V
Phase: 1
Amperage: 0
Recommended Wire Size: 12 AWG
Performance Specifications
GPM Turn On: 0.2
Physical Max Volume: 0 gpm
Minimum Operating Temp: 70
Max Operating Temp: 140
Minimum Operating Pressure: 35 PSI
Max Pressure Rating: 150 PSI

Cover Material: ABS-UL 94 5VA Rated
Element Type: Replaceable cartridge - bare wire
Element Material: Nichrome

Physical Specifications
Height: 9 inches
Width: 5 inches
Depth: 3 inches
Weight: -
Color: White

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