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60 PSI Pressure Limiting Valve

by EWS
$ 60.00
SKU PLV-60-14

Point of Use (Sink) Pressure Limiting Valve

High pressure system to protect drink dispensers, water filters, ice makers, coffee machines, chillers (cold water systems), hot tanks (hot water systems) and other devices.

  • This device is of vital importance to reduce pressure or prevent pressure surges above 60 psi.
  • All heaters and chillers have warranty issues with water supply pressure exceeding 60 psi.
  • All Point of Use (sink) Product function best above 40psi but should be limited to 60 psi for optimum performance and product longevity.
** The PLV-60 although highly recommended is strictly a safeguard and not the solution to cronic high pressure and/or pressure surges which should be controlled at the main service entering the home or facility**

Easy to install at supply side to any device
Simple connection with supplied quick connect fittings to 1/4” tubing

  • Integral Dual Check Valves
  • Resists Water Hammer
  • Stops backflow
  • Supplied with fixing clip