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Enjoy fast and free shipping on all orders over $89! Contact us (855) 424-4376

Provides amazing comfort in extremely cold climates.

For zones with exceptionally harsh winters, the Arctic Next Gen mini split AC with heat pump ensures you stay warm even when temps get down to -31 degrees F. Our Next Gen series also includes Smart Sensors that adjust temps when no one is in the room to save energy. Each unit is Energy Star rated with your choice of various indoor options for year-round efficient heating and cooling.


  • DC Inverters
  • Turbo Mode
  • Blue Fin
  • Quiet Mode
  • Easy to install
  • Easy PCB replacement


  • Rated Capacity BTU/hr: 12,000
  • Capacity Range BTU/hr: 3,100~13,600
  • Rated Power Input W: 950
  • SEER: 20
  • EER: 12.5
  • Moisture Removal Pt./h: 3.20


  • Rated Heating Capacity BTU/hr: 13,000
  • Heating Capacity Range BTU/hr: 3,100~21,000
  • Rated Power Input W: 1,460
  • HSPF: 10.0
  • Max. Heating Capacity 5 degree F BTU/hr: 11,000

Operating Range:

  • Cooling °F(°C): 14~115(-10~46)
  • Heating °F(°C): -31~75(-35~24)

    Power Supply:

    • Voltage, Cycle, Phase V/Hz/-: 208/230-60-1

    Refrigerate Line:

    • Liquid O.D. in: 1/4
    • Suction O.D. in: 3/8 (Need to sue adaptor ship with ODU)
    • Factory Charge Oz: 62.1
    • Maximum Line Length Ft / m: 66/20
    • Maximum Height Ft / m: 50/15

    Max. Heating Capacity -22°F BTU/Hr 5,000 Btu
    WiFi Connect Not Connectable
    Voltage/Hertz/Phase 230-208/60/1
    Style Compact Cassette
    Series Arctic Multi
    FlexFit Multi
    Endure Multi
    Required FALSE
    Product Type Single Zone
    Multi Zone
    Model Type Indoor
    Max. Drain-Lift Height (in) 27.5625
    Internal Condensate Pump Standard
    Indoor Sound Level 45 dBA
    42 dBA
    39 dBA
    36 dBA
    33 dBA
    Grille Model PB-700KB (2" H x 27-9/16" W x 27-9/16" D 10.6 lb ship/6.2 lb net weight) sold separately
    Fan Speeds CFM 410
    Drainpipe Size (in) 1.25
    Cooling Rated Capacity BTU/Hr 12,000

    Suction O.D. Refrigerant Line 3/8"
    Package Quantity 1
    Overall Width 22 7/16 in
    Overall Height 10 1/4 in
    Overall Depth 22 7/16 in
    Net Weight 40.8
    Liquid O.D. Refrigerant Line 1/4"
    Carton Width 28.3
    Carton Length 26.8
    Carton Height 15
    Approximate Shipping Weight 46.3

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