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Enjoy fast and free shipping on all orders over $89! Contact us (855) 424-4376

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Intermatic ET2745CP 7-Day/365 Day 4-Circuit Electronic Control, 120-277 VAC, 4-SPST/2-DPST, Indoor/Outdoor Plastic Enclosure

The ET2000 Series offers an easy-to-use interface, while still allowing to-the-minute scheduling capabilities for nearly any application. This series provides 50 holiday blocks with independent scheduling to ensure the loads are always in the proper ON/OFF state. This series also includes 96 ON/OFF events for even the most demanding schedules. The scheduling capabilities, configurable outputs, and a 100-hour backup without the need of batteries, make this series ideal for nearly any application.


  • 100-hour supercapacitor eliminates the need for batteries
  • Up to 96 set points or events
  • Up to 50 holiday blocks with schedule capabilities
  • Automatic input voltage selection from 120 to 277 VAC, 60 Hz
  • Additional mode of operation turns the ON/OFF buttons into 2-hour overrides
  • Configurable outputs allow the control of various voltages and applications
  • Relays incorporate zero-crossing technology to extend the life of the control
  • Non-volatile EEPROM memory protects programming indefinitely
  • LED compatible
  • USB port makes transferring and saving of schedules easy


    • Indoor Lighting Control
    • Machinery & Pump Controls
    • Timing/Scheduling ON/OFF


    Backup Type Supercapacitor Input Voltage Range(s) 120-277 VAC, 60 Hz
    Maximum ON/OFF Operations 96 Number Of Circuits 4
    Operation Mode 7-day Switch Type 4xSPST, 2xDPST or Pulse
    Enclosure Type Indoor/outdoor type 3R plastic with see-through door Minimum ON/OFF Times 1 min
    Operation Features Holiday Electronic Series ET2000 Series
    Maximum ON/OFF Times Indefinite Maximum Power Consumption (W) 7 W
    Minimum Pulse Time 2 sec ON/OFF Operations 96
    Warranty Period 2-Year limited Wiring Option Terminals
    Application Compatibilities LED Backup Protection Time 100 Hour
    Backup Restoration Time 30 Minutes Category Electronic Controls Web
    Daylight Savings Adjustment Automatic Electronic Ballast Load Ratings NO Ranges 10 A, 120/277 VAC
    Inductive Load Ratings NO Ranges 30 A, 120-240 VAC Knockout Dimensions Back (1) combination 1/2" - 3/4"
    Knockout Dimensions Bottom (2) combination 1/2" - 3/4" Magnetic Ballast (NO) Range(s) 20 A, 120-277 VAC
    Maximum Pulse Time 2 sec Motor Load Ratings NO Ranges 1 HP, 120 VAC; 2 HP, 240 VAC
    Resistive (NO) Range(s) 20 A, 28 VDC; 30 A, 120-240 VAC Tungsten (NO) Range(s) 5 A, 120-277 VAC
    Voltage Selection Type Auto Voltage Wire Size Max #8 AWG
    Wire Size Min #14 AWG Operating Temperature Max (°C) 40
    Operating Temperature Max (°F) 104 Operating Temperature Min (°C) -40
    Operating Temperature Min (°F) -40 Product Depth (in) 4
    Product Depth (mm) 101.6 Product Height (in) 10
    Product Height (mm) 254 Product Width (in) 6.5
    Product Width (mm) 165.1 Unit Carton Height (in) 10
    Unit Carton Length (in) 6.5 Unit Carton Weight (lb) 2.258
    Unit Carton Width (in) 3.937

    Model Number EK4537
    Description NightFox™ Select Grade Locking Type Electronic Photocontrol, 347/480 V
    UPC Code 078275148970
    Brand Intermatic
    Country of Origin (Intermatic) MEXICO
    Warranty Period 8-Year limited
    Usage Environments Outdoor
    Photocontrol Type Electronic
    Expected Lifetime (Years) 15
    Expected Lifetime (Operations) 10000
    Application Compatibilities LED; Incandescent; HID
    Photocontrol Style Locking type
    Photocontrol Sensor Location Side
    Control Specifications
    Sensor Time Delay Instant ON; 2 sec to 5 sec OFF
    Photocell Type Silicon Diode
    Photo Control Switch Type Relay
    Fail Mode ON
    Activation On 1.5 fc
    Activation Off 2.25 fc

    Product Height (in) 2 3/4
    Product Height (mm) 69.9
    Product Diameter (in) 3.375
    Product Diameter (mm) 85.8

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