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Liberty Pumps - Night Eye ALM-P1-EYE

  • $ 40800

Wireless Enabled Pump AlarmFor Sump Pump Systems

Compact snap-on float for sump applications. The alarm is feature-packed with a new super-bright LED alarm ring, low basement temperature warning, and even comes with auxiliary contacts for connection to other home security systems. It features easy-to-use plug-n-play wiring and BlinkUp™ technology for quick connection to your smart device!

Intelligent pump monitoring and alarm notifications sent to your smart device - anywhere in the world.

• Free app download • Cloud-based system designed exclusively by Liberty Pumps

• No service or subscription fees (message and data rates may apply) • Works through your home's wireless router

• Connect using simple BlinkUp™ technology

• Apple® iOS and Android® compatible

• One NightEye® app can support multiple devices/ installations (separate control/alarm unit required for each installation)


• NEMA 1, indoor rated

• 120 volt operation with 9-volt battery backup

• 86 dB audible alarm

• Super bright red LED alarm ring

• Green power on LED

• Low battery LED

• Low battery warning

• Automatic reset

• WiFi LED

• Silence or test alarm manually or through your smart device

• Auxiliary contacts for connection to other home security systems

• Device will run up to 12 hours on 9-volt battery with alarm active, up to 7 days in standby mode APP FEATURES:

• Apple® iOS and Android® compatible • Free download on Google® Play Store or the App Store

• Cloud-based system technology

• Get immediate notification from your smart device of alarm activation – anywhere in the world

• Sends via text, email or push notification – up to 4 different contacts/phone numbers

• Low basement temperature notification (user defines temperature level for warning)

• Silence or test your alarm remotely from your smart device

• One NightEye® app can control multiple devices (separate alarm/control units required)

• Loss of WiFi notification (utilizes smart wireless monitoring to prevent nuisance notifications)


Compact snap on Float Style for Sump Pumps

10'-Float Cord Length

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