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Liberty Pumps PC237-442-10A Sump Pump Combo Series

Liberty Pumps PC237-442-10A Sump Pump Combo Series

  • $ 93750

The new PC442-Series features a primary pump and the new 442-10A backup pump system pre-assembled from the factory! It is available as a standard model or with NightEye® wireless technology.


 • Provides uninterrupted pumping in the event of a power outage or main pump failure

• Fully assembled

• Primary pumps available in 1/3 and 1/2 hp

• Ready to connect to 1-1/2" discharge pipe

• System includes primary pump check valve and back-up pump check valve

• StormCell® 442-Series back-up system includes:

- Audible and visual alarm with super-bright LED alarm

- Energy efficient 12V DC pump (manufactured in the US by Liberty Pumps)

- Professional-grade 10A charger/controller

- Battery box (fits Group 27 or 31 batteries)

- User interface with LCD readout

- Compact float switch system

- Silence and Test buttons

- Auxiliary contacts

• Suitable with AGM, Wet Cell or Gel type batteries (not included)

• Liberty Pumps StormCell® batteries recommended for optimum performance








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