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Rain Bird - 1" Pressure-Regulating Quick Check Basket Filter

$ 73.99


  • 1 in. Basket Filter with built-in Pressure Regulator (40 psi) and 200 mesh (75 micron) stainless steel screen
  • Reduces maintenance and labor costs-the indicator tells you when to clean the filter, taking the guesswork out of cleaning the filter
  • Provides increased reliability – "No-spill" feature ensures dirt does not fall back into the filter during cleanup operation
  • Simplifies installation and maintenance – threaded top with O-ring makes it easy to remove and clean the stainless steel filter screen
  • Efficient design – combines filtration and pressure regulation in one compact unit with fewer connections.
  • Comes pre-assembled with 200 mesh
  • Built-in 40 psi (2,7 bar) pressure regulator