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PVC Expandable Repair Coupling


  • $ 425

Expandable Repair Coupling are the easiest and quickest solution in repairing cracked or broken PVC pipe. The fix is as simple as cutting out the broken section in your system and using the Expandable Repair Coupling in its place. No longer to you have to dig out large sections of your system to expose the PVC for repair. Repair coupling are great for tight spaces and small section repairs.

The Double EPDM O-Ring seal on the coupling gives more protection from possible leakage due to deflection of the piston while in the extended position. The EPDM O-Ring seal also protects against contamination on the cylinder wall. Another feature is the solvent cement trap located in the cap that captures excess solvent cement.

Each Expandable Repair Coupling is made from PVC type I grade I material which meets ASTM D-1784 standards.

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