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Enjoy fast and free shipping on all orders over $89! Contact us (855) 424-4376

Rinnai, dedicated to the latest technology and innovation in water heating efficiency and reliability, have created the best condensing boiler on the market. This boiler fits on the wall which allows you to fit it in small places and existing spaces.



Available in heat-only and combi models, the refined E Series ensures homeowners won't have to sacrifice continuous hot water. The compact, wall-mounted design delivers consistent heat while saving energy.


  • The space-saving, wall-mounted design integrates a fully modulating boiler pump.
  • Can be easily installed as a retrofit to replace a traditional boiler.
  • The design provides increased efficiency to meet your home's needs, with a maximum BTU heating input from 50,000 to 110,000.
  • The E110CRN is specifically designed for smaller single-family homes with up to 2 baths.


  • A plate-warming feature delivers faster hot-water.
  • Continuous hot water made available via domestic hot water priority.
  • A stainless steel heat exchanger and domestic hot water plate creates proven long-lasting durability while delivering faster hot-water.

Rinnai E110CRN Natural Gas Boiler Overview:


  • Stainless steel primary boiler heat exchanger
  • Copper nickel integrated secondary plate exchanger
  • Compact wall-mounted design saves space over traditional boilers
  • Integrated single-speed pump
  • Super quiet operation
  • Outdoor reset function with sensor included
  • Available in Natural Gas or Propane
  • Variety of venting options available
  • ASME accredit units

Rinnai Condensing Boilers

Unparalleled comfort and efficiency for your home. That's what you get with our range of economical, reliable and space-saving Rinnai Condensing Boilers. And while a boiler may not be a focal point in your home, its function is of the utmost importance. That's why the way a Rinnai Condensing Boiler is built sets it apart from other available heating and hot-water options.

Included with the E110CN:

  • Fully Modulating Boiler Circulation Pump
  • Outdoor Reset Sensor
  • Standard Concentric Venting and Two Pipe PVC Adaptor (E50CR std. Two Pipe with Concentric Adapter included)
  • Wall Mounting Bracket
  • Standard M-NPT connections for DHW and System Heating



Width: 19.7 inches (500 mm)

Height: 25.6 inches (650 mm)

Depth: 15.6 inches (395 mm)


101 lbs (46 kg)

Gas Type

Natural Gas

Maximum Heating Capacity

101,000 BTU (30 kW)

Minimum Input

Natural Gas: 26,000 BTU (8 kW)

Maximum Input

130,000 BTU (38 kW)

Maximum Input (Heating)

110,000 BTU (32 kW)

Turn Down Ratio


DHW Activation Rate

0.39 Gallon/Minute (1.84 Liter/Minute)

Maximum DHW at 75°F

3.2 Gallon/Minute

Maximum DHW at 41.7°C

12.1 Liter/Minute

AFUE Rating


Circulating Pump

Single Speed

Storage Capacity


Approved Venting Material

Polypropylene, Stainless Steel, PVC, CPVC


Standard Warranty (some restrictions apply):

Residential: 12-year on heat exchanger, 2-year on parts, 1-year on labor

Commercial: 5-year on heat exchanger, 2-year on parts, 1-year on labor


Energy Star®, CSA, NB, IBR, ASME, H

FTC Energy Guide

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