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Enjoy fast and free shipping on all orders over $89! Contact us (855) 424-4376


Finally, a wireless device without wires! No time is wasted mounting and installing complex wiring for an external receiver. SLW15 offers a plug-n-play wireless receiver hub (SLHUB-RF) that mounts directly into the controller in an instant. It??s truly wireless - making it the fastest to install wireless product on the market!

True two-way communication delivers the ultimate in wireless performance and reliability. SLW15 weather station and its controller-mounted communication hub are able to talk back and forth so they know if a message is not received and continue communication until a message is confirmed, even during a power outage. You can also confirm communication from the SLW15 during installation right at the weather station, without having to return to the controller (blinking green LED when in range). Plus, SmartLine controller diagnostics alert you if there is ever an issue. True twoway communication delivers reliability and ultra-quick installation!

SLW15 is built to last. SLW15 uses 2 AA lithium batteries with a 15-year shelf life to ensure 10-years of reliable operation without ever changing the battery. The elimination of a single service call alone justifies the upgrade from a wireless sensor with poor battery life to the SLW15 weather station.

SLW15 consistently delivers smart evapotranspiration watering schedules where wiring is impractical and satellites/cell towers cannot reliably reach. With a range of 600 feet line of site, SLW15 is the ultimate tool for retrofitting any of the 30 million+ existing irrigated properties wanting to: save 20 - 50% in water usage, grow healthier plants, virtually eliminate run off, and put an end to watering worries.

SLW15 weather station and communication hub are paired, or synched, together in a one-to-one relationship at the factory using a proprietary ??1 in a billion" frequency selector. Prepairing at the factory saves time during installation, and it ensures reliable SLW15 operation without interference from other wireless devices, including other SLW15s, WiFi networks, and cell phones.

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