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Rain Bird - TBOSPSOL 9- Volt Potted Latching Solenoid

$ 26.33

The Rain Bird TBOSPSOL is a potted latching solenoid for use with battery operated controllers.

  • Replacement latching solenoid for TBOS, TBOS-II, TBOS-BT, ESP-9V and WPX series battery-operated irrigation controllers
  • Fits Rain Bird DV, DVF, ASVF, PGA, PEB, PESB, GB, EFB-CP, BPE and BPES series valves
  • The 9-Volt Potted Latching Solenoid connects the valve to the battery-operated controller
  • Every valve you want to operate with a TBOS, ESP-9V or WPX series battery-operated irrigation control system MUST have a 9-Volt Latching Solenoid in order for the system to function