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Enjoy fast and free shipping on all orders over $89! Contact us (855) 424-4376


TORO Precision Spray Nozzles w/ Screen, Toro (Male) Thread

by Toro
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Toro’s new Precision Series Spray Nozzles are the most complete and efficient spray nozzle line available to help irrigation professionals manage water use, eliminate runoff and reduce customer water bills. The Precision Spray nozzles 1”/hr precipitation rate ensures that water is applied more slowly and evenly without sacrificing landscape health. These nozzles are available in a wide selection of arcs and radii, as well as male and female threads, making them ideal for large scale installations and retrofits.

Features & Benefits

Patented H²0 Chip Technology
Using patented H²0 chip technology – and no moving parts – each Precision Series Spray nozzles creates one or more high frequency oscillating streams to achieve the desired arc and radius with 1/3 less water usage.

Maximize Irrigation Efficiency
Precision Spray nozzles deliver an industry first 1”/hr (25mm/hr) precipitation rate, which better matches soil infiltration rate. This lower precipitation rate, along with high distribution uniformity make this nozzles family the most efficient nozzle from 5’-15’ (1,5-4,6m).

Design and Retrofit Effectiveness
The lower flow rate of Precision Series spray nozzles maximizes design efficiency and saves on overall material costs by using fewer valves and less controller stations. In addition, existing systems with low pressure can be fixed with a simple retrofit of the existing high-flow nozzle.

Third-Party Performance Validation
Precision Series Spray nozzles have been tested and validated in the field and at the Center for Irrigation Technology (CIT).

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