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Enjoy fast and free shipping on all orders over $89! Contact us (855) 424-4376


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Whether you are subtly illuminating an elegant pathway for a desired effect, or reaching for the tree top, FLEX GOLD™ Vivid Series LED lamps provide the solution. With our wide range of wattages and beam spreads the FLEX GOLD™ Vivid Series can fully illuminate any project. Unique Lighting Systems offers the highest wattage lamp in the industry, so nothing is out of reach.


  • 80 % more efficient than halogen equivalent
  • LED produces zero UV
  • Mercury free
  • 82 or above CRI (Color Rendering Index)
  • Red - Lightwave 600NM
  • Green - Lightwave 553NM
  • Blue - Lightwave 468NM
  • Rated for outdoor use in an enclosed fixture.


  • Wattage:  5W
  • Beam Spread:  40 Degrees
  • Kelvin Temperature: 2700k or/Red/Green/Blue adjustability
  • Rated Life (hours):  25,000
  • Operating Temp:  -4° F to 122° F
  • CRI: 82
  • Dimming:  Dimmable from 10 to 410 lumen
  • Warranty (years):  5
  • Lumens:  430
  • Volt Amps:  7.98

Over the years, a select few products have risen above the rest with their unparalleled performance. We're thrilled to share these gems with you. Whenever you spot the "From the Frog" badge, rest assured it's more than just a mark of quality—it's a symbol of our dedication and careful consideration in choosing the best for you. 

Wattage 5W
Beam Spread 40°
Kelvin Temp.
2700k or/Red/Green/Blue adjustability
3000k or/Red/Green/Blue adjustability

LUMEN: Dimmable from 10 to 420 lumen
LAMP LIFE: 25,000 hr.
BEAM SPREAD: 40° Flood
Operating Temp. -4° F to 122° F
CRI 82
Rating Rated for outdoor use in an enclosed fixture.
Warranty Five year warranty

Part Number Lumen Volt Amps Beam Angle Color Temp.
LED-5W-BM6F-RGB27 430 7.98 40° 2700K
LED-5W-BM6F-RGB30 460 8.21 40° 3000K

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