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Enjoy fast and free shipping on all orders over $89! Contact us (855) 424-4376

Prier Wall Hydrant - Internal VB - Gray Handle - 1/2"MIPx1/2"SWT - 408

by Prier
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The 408 Series Internal Vacuum Breaker Hydrant was added to PRIER's offering in March of 2009.

The 408 Series Hydrant is the result of spending a significant amount of time with our plumbing contractor customers and continuing to respond to their needs in the field. A common complaint among contractors with any freezeless wall hydrant with an external vacuum breaker was the operation of the vacuum breaker, often leaking due to debris in the potable water system or customer neglect, resulting in a callback for the contractor. With the 408 Series Internal Vacuum Breaker Hydrant, PRIER has made the vacuum breaker integral to the operating stem, eliminating any leakage through the vacuum breaker on the top of the valve. As with most wall hydrants, any hoses should be removed in freezing temperatures. The valve is approved to ASSE, IAPMO and CSA standards.

The 408 Series is a "smart-turn" design, 180 degree opening and closing for easy operation and flow control.

The 408 Series is made in lengths at PRIER from 4" to 14", in 2" increments, with six different inlet options.

  • ASSE 1019 and C-UPC approved
  • Internal vacuum breaker and backflow preventor
  • Easy half-turn operation
  • Integral cast backflange
  • Wide screw holes easily secure mounting screws
  • Siding wedge included with each valve
  • Solid brass body and seat
  • Satin nickel plated body maintains finish indefinitely
  • Easy grip polycarbonate operating handle
  • Stainless steel handle Screw
  • Full circle seat threads secure stem to seat end
  • AFG teflon and graphite packing for easy maintenance
  • Each valve air-tested at factory for leak free quality
  • Spout aligning mark

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