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Rain Bird - XF Dripline XFD0918100- 0.9 GPH, 18" Spacing, 100 ft. Coil

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The most flexible, pressure-compensating inline emitter tubing available to irrigate ground cover, dense plantings, hedge rows and more. Extra flexible tubing for fast, easy installation.

Dual-layered tubing (brown over black or purple over black) provides unmatched resistance to chemicals, UV damage and algae growth. Patent pending emitter design provides for increased reliability. Longer lateral runs than competition.

Use with XF Dripline Insert Fittings, Easy Fit Compression Fittings, and 17mm Insert Fittings.

Flexible polyethylene tubing has factory installed pressure-compensating, inline emitters installed every 12-24 inches. The flow rate from each installed inline emitter is 0.6 or 0.9 gallons per hour when inlet pressure is between 8.5 and 60 psi.

The inline emitter diaphragm has a pressure-regulating diaphragm with a spring action allowing it to self-rinse if there is a plug at the outlet hole. The bend radius is 3 inches whether bending the tubing with the natural bend of the coil or against it.

The inline emitter inlet is raised off the inside tube wall to minimize dirt intrusion. The XF™ Series Dripline inline tubing is manufactured by Rain Bird Corporation, Azusa, California.

  • XF Dripline - 0.9 GPH, 18 in. Spacing, 100 ft. Coil
  • Unique material offers significantly greater flexibility, allowing tighter turns with fewer elbows for easier installation
  • Choice of flow rates, spacing and coil lengths provides design flexibility for a variety of non-turfgrass applications
  • Accepts Rain Bird Easy Fit Compression Fittings, XF Dripline Insert Fittings and 17mm insert fittings
  • Use an Air/Vacuum Relief Valve Kit when installation is below soil
  • The pressure-compensating emitter design provides a consistent flow over the entire lateral length ensuring higher uniformity for increased reliability in the pressure range of 8.5 to 60 psi
  • Dual-layered tubing (brown over black) provides unmatched resistance to chemicals, algae growth and UV damage
  • Application: On Surface
  • Features: Extra Flexible
  • Emitter Spacing: 18 in
  • Tubing Diameter: 1/2 in
  • Flow Rate: 0.9 gph


    • Outside diameter: 0.634" (16.1 mm)
    • Inside diameter: 0.536" (13.6 mm)
    • Wall thickness: 0.049" (1.2 mm)

    Operating Range:

    • Pressure: 8.5 to 60 psi (0.58 to 4.14 bar)
    • Temperature: Up to 100° F (43.3 C) water; up to 125 F (51.7° C) ambient
    • Required filtration: 120 mesh
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